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FAQ Course Registration


Registration Questions for First Semester Freshmen

How do I know if there is a hold on my account?                           How do I release that hold?

Holds can be viewed on your DegreeWorks audit.  The phone number for the department you’ll need to contact is listed right next to the hold.  Please work on clearing it up ASAP!

What classes should I be taking next semester for my major/minor/core?

All of your questions will be answered during Registration Basics!  You will also be instructed to consult your DegreeWorks audit, InfoBear, and any available Advising handouts. Peer Advisors are a great resource if you have additional questions after Registration Basics!

Does my Advisor sit with me to pick out classes?

No.  After attending Registration Basics, you will know how to draft your own schedule. Then, during your individual appointment with your Advisor, you will submit your draft for review. If everything looks good, your Advisor will clear you for registration!

Can a Peer Advisor help me draft my schedule?

After attending Registration Basics you will have the knowledge to draft your own schedule!  If you need a little extra assistance, however, you can make an appointment with a Peer Advisor.  When meeting with a Peer Advisor, you should arrive as prepared as possible.  You’re in charge of the advising process!

Where can I find the Registration Form and Schedule Worksheet?

From the campus intranet, click on “Departments” then navigate to “Registration Tools.”  You will find many helpful resources on this page including the Registration Form, the blank Schedule Worksheet, course descriptions, etc!

Where can I find the Core Curriculum Advising Guide (I want to know which courses count for more than one core requirement or “double dip”)?

From the campus intranet, click on “Departments,” then navigate to “Core Curriculum,” then click on “Core Curriculum Documents.”  Where can I find descriptions of First Year Seminars?  From the campus intranet, click on “Departments” then navigate to “First Year Seminars.”

Is it possible to get from one class to the next in 15 minutes?

It is absolutely possible to get across campus in 15 minutes.  However, be aware that racing from one end of campus to the other may be stressful with weather, classes that run late or start early, etc.  Plan accordingly and map out your route between classes before the start of the next semester.

Is it better to schedule classes back-to-back or with breaks in-between?

You decide what works best for you – we have early classes, later classes, even evening and online classes, etc.  If you are a student that would prefer to have just one or two classes a day with plenty of study time in between, make a schedule that fits those needs.  If you are a student that knows waking up early or staying in class until 5:00pm will be a problem, then try to avoid that.  Just remember that flexibility is key when it comes to registration!

Have you taken a class with Professor (insert name) before?

A more helpful and mature question might be “What is Professor (insert name)’s teaching style?"  Strive to make decisions about classes based on your strengths and preferences as a learner.  It’s your life, and you have to decide what is right for you and what will help you be most successful.

I have a job, will I be able to build a schedule that works for me?

Many students have on-campus or off-campus jobs.  If you want a schedule that works for you, it is best to plan ahead and have alternates ready.  Be sure to register as soon as registration opens because some classes do fill up fast!

Should I take summer classes?

That’s a great question!  There are many things to consider: financial aid, academic support, the requirements of your major(s), your learning style, etc.  Set up a meeting with your Advisor to discuss your options!