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​​​Freshman FAQ
1. Who is my Advisor?
2. How do I many an appointment with my advisor?
3. What majors does BSU offer?
4. How do I declare or change my major/minor?
5. When do I have to declare my major?
6. How do I know if there is a hold on my account?
7. How do I release that hold?
8. How long will it take me to graduate?

Add/Drop and Withdrawal Questions​
1. Can I change my schedule?
2. If a class is full, am I still able to get into it somehow?
3. Can you help me add or drop my class?
4. If I'm not doing well in a class, should I withdraw?

1. What classes should I be taking next semester for my major/minor/core?
2. Does my advisor sit with  me to pick out classes?
3. Can a Peer Advisor help me draft my schedule?
4. Where can I find the Registration Form and Schedule Worksheet?
5. Where can I find the Core Curriculum Advising Guide (I want to know which courses "double dip")?
6. Where can I find descriptions of First Year Seminars?
7. Is it possible to get from one class to the next in 15 minutes?
8. Is it better to schedule classes back-to-back or with breaks in between?
9. Have you taken a class with Professor (insert name) before?
10. I have a job. Will I be able to build a schedule that works for me?
11. Should I take summer classes?

Academic Support Question
1. What should I do if I am struggling in a class?
  • Talk to your professor ASAP! Don't wait until it is too late.
  • There are also plenty of resources in the AAC. Stop by if you need help with ANY of the following:
    • Tutoring in an intro-level Core class
    • Developing more effective study skills
    • Doing research in the library
    • Solving Math problems
    • Completing accounting and finance work
    • Writing papers
    • Strengthening your English language skills​