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​​​​​​​​​Freshman FAQ

Advisor Questions​
1. Who is my Advisor?
2. What does my Advisor do?
3. When can I meet with my Advisor?
4. What should I bring to my Advisor appointment?
5. Is there walk-in advising?
6. How do I know which "class" I am?

College/Program/Major Questions​
1. How do I know which college I am in?
2. How do I declare a major?
3. How do I declare a minor?
4. What if I want to change my major?
5. Where can I find out more about my major?

1. ​What information can be found on my DegreeWorks?
2. How do I look at my DegreeWorks?
3. How do I know if I will graduate "on time"?
4. I have a hold - what does that mean?
5. Is there more information about DegreeWorks and it's features?

1. How do I register for classes?
2. What does it mean to be "cleared"?
3. Where is the registration form?
4. When do I register for classes?
5. How do I add or drop a class?
6. What's the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing?
7. What do I do if I fail a course?
8. Can I get into a class that is closed?
9. What is "Add/Drop week"?
10. Are there important deadlines that I should be aware of?