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Course Search and
Registration Resources
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New Student
Advising and Registration Presentation

Review the narrated video of the New Student Advising and Registration presentation. 
New Student Advising & Registration Presentation
This narrated powerpoint presentation includes information about Academic Advising, Graduation Requirements, and Online Registration at BSU. The powerpoint (without narration) was emailed to you from the AAC.  Use the links below for related/support files.

Watch the videos below for instructions on how to use Infobear and your Degree Audit to search for classes and register for your first semester at BSU.

Infobear 101 - Search for Classes
This video covers the basics of how to search for classes online using Infobear.  Basic Search and Advanced Search functions are reviewed.
*     *     *     *     *
Infobear 101 - Register for Classes
This video gives you basic instructions on how to register for classes online using Infobear.  Multiple registration options are covered, as well as directions to drop classes from your schedule.
*     *     *     *     *
Infobear 101 - Your Degree Audit
This video provides an overview of the information contained in your Degree Works Degree Audit, as well as instructions on how to read it, and tips on how your Degree Audit can help you build your schedule.

Image of student looking confused at a directional sign with many different class names pointing many different directions.

Every student's schedule will be unique and based upon their placement assessments, major, and interests. Students who plan to graduate in 4 years should aim for 5 classes (15 credits) per semester.  Most schedules will include some combination of the following:

  • English
  • Math
  • First Year Seminar
  • Major Course
  • Core Course
For more detailed descriptions of these requirements, see below!

1. English Class
  • You should take an English class in your first semester based on your English placement results.
  • The email you received from the AAC should tell you which English class you should target (ENGL101E/144, ENGL101, or ENGL102)
  • If you placed into ENGL101E/144, use this guide to review the sections being offered in the Fall: ENGL101E/144 Paired Sections.
2. Math Class
  • You should take a Math class in your first semester based on your Math placement results.
  • The email you received from the AAC should tell you which Math class you should target for the Fall.
  • If you placed into MATH110E/110T, MATH122E/T, or MATH161E/143 use the appropriate guide to review the sections being offered in the Fall: 
  • Undecided students may want to check with an Advisor to get on the right track before choosing a Math class.
3. First Year Seminar
  • You should complete a First Year Seminar (FYS) course in your first or second semester at BSU.
  • If you placed into ENGL101 or ENGL102, we recommend you take FYS in your first semester.
  • If you placed into ENGL101E/144, complete those classes in your first semester and take FYS in your second semester.
  • All FYS classes have 199 course numbers.
  • For a full list of FYS sections offered in the Fall, including course descriptions, please review this guide: First Year Seminar Info.
4. Major Course
  • It's a good idea to take a course or two in your Major area in your first semester.
  • For guidance on which Major courses to target in your first semester, please review this guide: First Year Courses By Major.
  • If you don't have a major yet, don't worry! Talk to an advisor to discuss areas of interest, and/or take Core Courses to round out your schedule.
5. Core Course
  • If you still need to round out your schedule, try taking a course or two that satisfy some of your Core requirements.
  • Use the Course Search and/or your Degree Audit to review your Core Requirements and refine your choices.
  • Some specific courses to target include:
    - Public Speaking* (COMM102) or Oral Interpretation (THEA210)
    - Logical Reasoning** (PHIL111/MATH180/COMP111)
* Communications and Management/Marketing Majors should take COMM102.
** Logical Reasoning choice is dependent upon major and Math placement. Review First Year Courses By Major or speak to an Academic Advisor for details.

Support Resources​​​​​

Course Search and Registration Guide (MS Word)
Text and picture instructions to guide you through the course search and registration process.​

Paired Section Information
These documents provide registration information (i.e. section numbers, CRNs, days & times)​ for paired sections of different first-year courses.
First Year Seminar Information (PDF​)
Detailed course descriptions and registration information (i.e. section numbers, CRNs, days & times)​ for all First Year Seminar courses being offered in the Fall.

First Year Courses by Major (PDF)
​Course suggestions for the first year based on major. Includes recommendations of Core and Major requirements.

Honors Courses Offered Fall 2020 (PDF)
Honors sections of some courses are available for students in the Honors Program.  Honors program students are required to to complete an Honors section of the First Year Seminar.  Review this list for more information about the available Honors courses in Fall 2020.  If you have questions about the Honors program or requirements, email

​Schedule Worksheet (PDF | Fillable Excel Spreadsheet​)
​Blank schedule template that can be filled in with information for the courses you plan to take. A great way to visualize your weekly schedule while you build it and after it's complete.

Fillable Registration Form (Fillable PDF​)
​Blank registration form that can be filled out with course information for classes you plan to take in the Fall. It is not required, but it is a good way to keep track of things as you build your schedule.

Schedule Adjustment Request Form (MS Word)
After you have met with an advisor, your schedule is locked until the start of the semester.  Students have the opportunity to make schedule adjustments during the Add/Drop period the first week of classes.  If you have extenuating circumstances and need a schedule adjustment before the semester starts, please complete the Schedule Adjustment Request form and submit it to the AAC for review. 

Online Learning Resources
The Academic Coaching and Research group has a variety of different resources available to help students as they adjust to taking online classes.