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Summit Orientation

Image of two bears hugging each other.  Text reads: Welcome back, we missed you. 

Welcome back to BSU!

We're happy you plan to return this semester.  The Summit Program is an academic support system that helps students transition back to Bridgewater State University.  It includes an orientation, academic advising and coaching meetings, and semester planning.  

This online Summit Orientation will help reacquaint you with graduation requirements, university policies, and academic support services.  It will also provide advising support for course registration.  Please follow the steps on the To Do List below, review the materials carefully, and follow up with the AAC if you need any help.

Let’s get started! 

Follow STEPS #1-6 to complete the online Summit Orientation

STEP #1 - Review Summit Orientation Powerpoint

Review the provided Summit Orientation Powerpoint Presentation for more information about the Summit Program, graduation policies, academic support services, and course registration.

Summit Orientation Presentation
The Summit Orientation Presentation is available to view as a narrated video (above).  It's also available to download as a non-narrated Powerpoint presentation using the link below.

Download the Summit Orientation Presentation here

STEP #2 - Revew Your Degree Audit (DegreeWorks)

Your DegreeWorks Degree Audit lists all the requirements you must complete in order to earn your degree. It shows which requirements you've already completed, and which you have left to do. It can also be used to look up classes. Use your Degree Audit to help you build your schedule for next semester.

Infobear 101 - Your Degree Audit
This video provides an overview of the information contained in your DegreeWorks Degree Audit. It includes instructions on how to access your Degree Audit, how to read it, and tips on how to use your Degree Audit to help you build your schedule.

STEP #3 - Look Up Courses/Review Your Schedule

Review the video below for instructions on how to search for classes.

- Students who ARE NOT registered for classes
Please look up the courses you want to take next semester, and build your schedule.  Incorporate repeat courses if possible.  You may register for a maximum of 13 credits.

- Students who ARE registered for classes
Consider making adjustments to your schedule.  If possible, incorporate repeat courses.  Make sure you are not registered for more than 13 credits.

Infobear 101 - Search for Classes
This video covers the basics of how to search for classes online using Infobear.  Basic Search and Advanced Search functions are reviewed.

STEP #4 - Complete and Email Forms

Please fill out and submit the handouts and forms listed below.  Additional forms are available on the sidebar.  You can email completed forms to

- Fall 2020 Registration Form (PDF | Word)
- Trail to Success Handout (Word)
- Repeat Course Request Form* (PDF | Word)
*Repeat course form only required if you plan to repeat any course in which you previously earned a grade of D- or higher.

Once your paperwork is reviewed, you will be notified that you are cleared to register for courses or adjust your schedule. 

STEP #5 - Register for Courses

When you've been cleared to register for courses, you can make adjustments to your schedule online using Infobear.  Watch the video below for instructions on how to register.

Infobear 101 - Register for Classes
This video gives basic instructions on how to register for classes online using Infobear.  Multiple registration options are covered, as well as directions to drop classes from your schedule.

STEP #6 - Advising Meeting

Once you are registered, you will be sent the name of your Summit Advisor for the upcoming semester.  Make an appointment to meet with them during September.  During your appointment, you will review your courses, DegreeeWorks and discuss the resources and strategies you will use to ensure a successful semester.

You can use Accudemia to schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor or Coach.  Use the button below to go to Accudemia.

You can schedule a video chat appointment or a phone appointment with your advisor.  We recommend video chat appointments if possible, because that allows you to work face-to-face with your advisor, and opens up useful tools like screen and file sharing.  If you choose video chat, your appointment will take place using Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is an application that facilitates remote conversations through text, audio, and video chat.  Anyone with a BSU email address has access to Teams through Office365. Review the documents and instructions below for information on how to access, download, and use Teams.  Happy chatting!

For video chat appointments, please log in to Teams 5 minutes before your appointment begins so an advisor can contact you. 

Access Microsoft Teams
This video includes instructions on how to access the Microsoft Teams application through your Bridgewater State University email account.  Teams can be used online or downloaded to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  

View Text Instructions Here: (PDF | MS Word)
Teams Chat Basics
This video covers basic instructions on how to use Microsoft Teams to chat with students, faculty, and staff at Bridgewater State University.  Text, audio, and video chat instructions are covered.

View Text Instructions Here: (PDF | MS Word)

Meet the Advisors!

Click the image above to see a welcome video from your Summit Advisor.