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Aviation Science



BSU Aviation Alumni
Attention BSU Aviation Alumni! We would like to list ALL of our aviation program graduates on this list. BSU is very proud of our graduates throughout the aviation industry. We would like to show these results to future students. If your name is not on this list please send a quick email to . Also, stay tuned for a BSU Aviation Alumni event!
BSU Alumni  Class Employer
Gomes, Tyler 01' UPS, East New England Air Planner
Vasque- Gomes, Jennie 00' Cape Air, Manager of Flight Operation Services
Martin, Phil 89' Textron Corp, Citation X Captain
Tanner, Matt 95 American Eagle, Captain EMB 145
Pokorny, John 97' American Eagle, Captain EMB 145
Braz, Ed 94' Cape Air Chief Pilot
D'Espinosa, Jay 95 R.I. Airport Corporation PVD , Operations
Doyon, Ken 85' R.I. Airport Corporation PVD, Operations
Barbagallo, Anthony 96' JetBlue, FO A320
Anderson, Keith 04' JetBlue, FO EMB190
Matthews, Warren 95' USMC, UH-1 Pilot / Pratt & Whitney
Ambros, Scott 93' NetJets, Hawker 900XP Captain
Gaylor, Jeff 00' NetJets, Hawker 400 FO
Cormier, Greg 00' Cape Air, EWB Station Manager
Dunn, Greg 90' NetJets, Hawker 400 FO
Brean, Paul 96' Massport Boston Logan Airport
Randel, Jay 96' American Eagle, Captain EMB 145
Hanley, Brent 91' US Airways, FO A320 / VP - Chief Pilot Island Airlines
Joyal, Rick 95' R.I. Airport Corporation PVD, Operations
Castro, Manuel 96' American Eagle, Captain EMB 145
Chamberland, Ray 07' Cape Air, Captain C402
Monkevicz, Mike 97' NetJets, Captain CE-750
Bongiorno, Greg 95' BSU Aviation Staff / Pilot CE 750
Greenburg, Ashley 07' American Eagle, FO CRJ 700 LGA
Smith, Jeff 04' American Eagle, FO EMB 145
Meader, Amanda 09' BSU Aviation Training Center - CFI
Leger, Patrick 09' BSU Aviation Training Center - CFI
Downey, Kenny 09' Sentient Jet - Planner
Albertian, Mike 09' BSU Aviation Training Center - CFI
Blanchet, Steve 08' BSU Aviation Training Center - CFI
Farley, Michael 86' BSU Aviation Science Department Chair
Cote, Philip 85' US Airways, A320 Captain
Cote, Veronica 86' BSU Aviation Professor
Govednik, Jonathan 04' American Eagle, FO EMB 145
Otto, Anna 08' Cape Air, Captain C402
Toto, Joseph 97' Cape Air, Captain
Rosenthall, Gene 89' Spirit Airlines, Captain A320
Sitarz, Andrew 07' Cape Air, FO C402
McCarron, Mike 93' Delta Airlines, FO 767ER / Aircraft Commander C-130J
Fischl, Matt 07' ASA, FO CRJ 200
Ollis, Scott 07' Cape Air, Pilot
Rimbach, Eric 97' American Eagle, EMB 145
Trevains, Richard 89' American Eagle, Captain EMB 145
Smith, Dean 91' Delta Airlines, Captain
Irwin, Tammy 99' Cape Air, Director Safety and Compliance
(Oswalt) Gradsky, Melanie 06' Cape Air, Director Corporate Security
Walsh, Kevin 08' Cape Air, FO C402
Anderson, Erik 08' Cape Air, FO C402
Sheehan, Matthew 07' Cape Air, Captain C402
Boothman, Brett 09' Piedmont Airlines, FO Dash 8
Kearley, Chris 01' Pilot DA10
Orlando, Robert 97' American Eagle, FO EMB 145
Schofield, Catherine 91' American Eagle, Captain EMB 145
Bellavance, Mark 96' Comair, Captain CRJ700
Fitzgerald, Sean 08' King Aviation, CFII
Davis, Steven 86' UPS, Captain MD-11
Guillotte, Curtis 86' Delta, Captain 767ER
Seymour, Neil 93' FAA, Business Process Reengineer Specialist
Clark, Steffan 08' American Eagle, FO EMB 145
Satterlund, Daniel 07' Sentient Jet, Supervisor for Flight Planning
Waterman, Matthew 08' Jacksonville Flying Service, CFI
Michaud, Matthew 07' USAF, Pilot HH-60G Pave Hawk
Overland, Jamie 07' Republic Airlines, FO EMB 170
Rossetti, Ross 08' Ryan Rotors, Helicopter Pilot
Sylvester, Matthew 04' Air Link, Charter Pilot, Flight Instructor
Collins, Sean 07' Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Carew, Michael 86' Continental Airlines, FO 737-800/900
Clark, Chris 89' CVS Caremark Citation X CE-750 Captain
Licata, Domenico 03' Corporate, Captain Gulfstream III / IV
Wagner, Brian 96' Continental Airlines, Manager
Mulholland, Sean 93' American Airlines, Safety Professional
Romano, Matt 07' Air Wisconsin, FO CRJ 200
Deeter, Scott 97' FAA, Air Traffic Control Specialist - Orlando Approach Control
Quinn, David 98' NetJets, FO Hawker 900XP / Commander, C-5 Air Force Reserves
Regan, Kevin 94' Bombardier Flexjet, FO CL 604/605
Gilder, Richard Brooke 08' Cape Air, Customer Service & Ground Security -BOS
Ware, Dan 98' Lyon Aviation, Captain Hawker 800
Osmanski, Joshu 96' Cathay Pacific Airways, 747-400 / US Navy VFA-204 Pilot F/A 18
Dos Santos, Bruno 08' Everest Fuel Management, Manager - Supply & FBO Relations
Amedolare, James 05' Republic Airways, Captain EMB 145
Lui, Lenni 06' Cathay Pacific Airways, Cabin Crew
McKernan, Mary 95' Massport Operations Boston Logan Airport, Comair, FO CRJ 200
Hanson, Lara 97' Cape Air, Station Agent RSW/ EYW
Clancy, Brianna 03' Sentient Jet, Flight Planner
Gomwe, Rugaro 07' Everest Fuel Management, Operations and Analytics Support MGR
Goldberg, David 05' Colgan Air, FO SF 340
Alves, Erin 02' Raytheon, Senior Systems Engineer
Cetrone, Joseph 10' King Aviation, Certified Flight Instructor
Dill, Ryan T. 97' US Navy C-130 Instructor Pilot, C-9 Pilot
Sturges, Joe 08' U.S. Student Naval Aviator
Winston, Suzy 09' Magellan Jets, Flight Support Specialist
Sharon, Christopher 03' USAF E-3 AWACS Pilot
Elia, Matthew 09' SOLIDFX, King Aviation - CFI
Vick, Tom 84' New Bedford Regional Airport Manager
Hughes, Scott M 93' SAA Inc., Chief Flight Instructor
Woodside, Dan 98' Delta Airlines, FO 767-300ER
LaFlamme, Jeremy 00' Cape Air, Captain / RIAC Firefighter-EMT
Katz, Corey 06' Odyssey Unlimited, Travel Councilor
Schloth, Don 85' FedEx, First Officer MD-11
Hurn, David 98' LCDR VAQ-137 Aviator EA-6B, F/A-18 E/A-18
Rosebrock, Frank E. 94' CVS Caremark, Citation X CE-750 Captain
Arsenault, Scott 86' FAA, Air Traffic Controller Boston TRACON
Flynn, John "Jack" 87' UPS First Officer 757/767
Hayes, Michael 05' Marine Corps Pilot AV-8B
Smith, Matthew 99' Air Interdiction Agent, Dept Homeland Security/C12 Pilot U.S. Army
Burke, Timothy 10' Airport Operations Officer, Aspen/Pitkin County Airport
Caruso, Anthony P. Jr 91' Assistant Airport Director at Bangor International Airport
Langlois, James 10' Cape Air, FO C402
Gordon, Ashley 10' Cape Air, FO C402
Hamilton, Jim 86' Colonel USAF
Kisling, Andrew 11' Express Jet, EMB 145 FO
George, Coley D. 96' NetJets, Citation X CE 750 Captain