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***Want to see how our fleet is doing? Check our up-to-date report: FLEET STATUS***​​

​Cessna Skyhawk: C172R
​Tail Numbers: 172SA, 223BW, 407BW, 574BW, 579BW, 715BW, 721SJ, 760BW, 780SA, 829BW
Checklists: C172R Normal Checklist
                  C172R Emergency Checklist
Training Resources: Normal Flows and Procedures​
Manual: FSM C172R​
Preflight Planning: Cessna TOLD card​

Piper Arrow: PA28R-200

​Tail Numbers: 15894, 56418
Checklists: PA28R Checklists

Piper Seneca: PA34R-200

​Tail Number:41502
Checklists: PA34 Normal Checklist
                  PA34 Emergency Checklist
                  PA34 Abnormal Checklist​

Cessna 172R Picture
PA34 Seneca 
Redbird LD 
Photos Courtesy of Edilson Gomes​