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Aviation Science




Flight Training C​oncentration


The flight training concentration combines academic studies and flight training, in order to prepare graduates for a wide variety of positions within the air transportation industry, including general, airline and military aviation.
The flight program allows the student to obtain private pilot, commercial pilot, instrument pilot, and flight instructor certificates. The curriculum provides the flight training necessary to operate in the high-density environment of modern airspace.
The program emphasizes critical thinking and analytical skills, as well as oral and written communication skills. Effective resource management, human factors, and safety awareness are constantly emphasized throughout the curriculum. Complementing the intensive flight training is expert classroom instruction and use of flight simulators.
A career in the flight training concentration leads to the development, administration, and enforcement of safety regulations, including airworthiness and operational standards in civil aviation. This program prepares the graduate for a career path that starts as a certified flight instructor, and leads to positions with airlines and corporate flight departments.

Program Guide Flight Training Concentration

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14 CFR Part 141 Training Course Outlines


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