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Aviation Science



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​​​​​​​​​​​JetB​lue University Gateway Program


Bridgewater State University has joined the JetBlue​ University Gateway Program! BSU Aviation has teamed up with our aviation industry neighbors Cape Air and JetBlue​ to offer qualified students an exciting career path to become a professional pilot. This is a unique program that directly introduces BSU students to aviation professionals who will mentor and guide them along their path to becoming an airline pilot. Internship and employment opportunities are also part of the Gateway Program for qualified students. See program details below. 
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Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines, JetBlue and Bridgewater State University

JetBlue University Gateway Program

It is the intent of Cape Air/Nantucket Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Bridgewater State University to implement the JetBlue University Gateway Program designed to provide opportunities for graduates in the Aviation Science program at Bridgewater State University (also referred to herein as “BSU” or the “University”) to become new hire pilots for Cape Air and subsequently for JetBlue Airways.

The Gateway Program is primarily intended to:

  • Assist Cape Air in selection, training and education of potential new hire pilots.
  • Provide internships for selected Aviation Science students at Cape Air and JetBlue.
  • Provide University graduates with potential pilot positions following completion of degree requirements and a one year tour as a Bridgewater State University flight instructor, as determined in the university’s sole discretion, or another flight instructor position following graduation.
  • Allow Cape Air the opportunity to employ the selected Bridgewater State University Aviation Science graduates for approximately two and one half years gaining approximately 2,500 flight hours.
  • Provide a gateway to JetBlue Airways for a final interview as a First Officer.

Cape Air and JetBlue desire that all BSU Aviation Science candidates selected for and participating in the Program are of the highest quality and consistently demonstrate the skill, knowledge, professional and personal qualifications required to become and perform as an airline cockpit crew member. In accordance with the above, Cape Air, JetBlue and Bridgewater State University hereby intend:

1. Cape Air, JetBlue Airways, and Bridgewater State University will establish the JetBlue University Gateway Program (the "Program").

2. Cape Air, JetBlue and Bridgewater State University will ensure that there are designated representatives to coordinate and administer the Program

3. Cape Air and JetBlue will jointly screen candidates for selection to the Program. Candidates must have completed at least the freshman year of the BSU Aviation Science program. Screening criteria shall be developed jointly by Cape Air and JetBlue and should include:

  • Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA
  • Applicants must provide two professor recommendations, as determined in the sole discretion of each professor
  • Applicants must be enrolled in an AABI accredited aviation program and at least of sophomore standing

BSU will provide Cape Air and/or Jet Blue with standard academic information, such as transcripts, regarding Aviation Science students who desire to participate in the Program, upon receipt of a direction to provide such information and a written authorization to provide such information as required by law.

4.Students selected will be entered into the Gateway Program and will remain in it providing they successfully complete the appropriate requirements, including:

  • Completion of all required flight qualifications and certificates
  • Graduation from an AABI-accredited program
  • Successful completion of time as a flight instructor
  • Successful completion of flight experience at Cape Air
  • Recommendation by Cape Air
  • Successful completion of a Jet Transition Course (if required) at JetBlue

All final hiring decisions will be subject to evaluation by Cape Air of each candidate's academic and aeronautical record as well as the personal and professional qualifications as presented at the time the applicant seeks active employment following completion of the Program. In addition, offers of active employment are contingent upon Cape Air’s hiring needs at the time the applicant seeks active employment following completion of the Instructor component of the Program. 

Acceptance into the Program is not a guarantee of employment at Cape Air or JetBlue or BSU.

5. Each party shall bear his or her own respective expenses for the development of the Program

This Memorandum of Understanding is not a contract and does not create legally binding obligations on any party. This Memorandum of Understanding is not intended and shall not be construed to create any legally binding agreement or obligation or offer by the parties or to any third party. Any binding agreement between the parties will result only upon the negotiation and execution of a mutually acceptable definitive agreement for such matter. In addition, this Memorandum of Understanding is not intended and shall not be construed to create any partnership, joint venture, agency, association, fiduciary relationship, or other such relationship between the parties or to create any promise of employment or interview for any party.