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​​​​​​​​​Safety Program

Safety begins from both the top down and the bottom up. Everyone from administrators, students, CFI's, dispatchers, mechanics, managers, and FAA inspectors have a role to perform in a safe flight operation.

How do we gather data regarding hazardous situations within the BSU flight operation? By everyone utilizing and completing a Hazard Identification Tracking System (HITS) report on paper form or filling out the form online. 

The online link is preferred for record keeping purposes however the paper HITS form located in the briefing room is acceptable and can be dropped into the wall mounted black box. Although this program is designed to be voluntary and non-punitive in nature, students and staff must be accountable for their actions. Gross negligence and disregard​ for general safety as well as FAA regulations will not be tolerated.

What can you report?

  • Bird strike
  • Fuel spill
  • Hard landing
  • Airspace or air traffic violation
  • Scheduling fatigue
  • Suspicious person 
  • Slip on the ramp area or in building
  • Near mid-air collision 
  • Aborted take off (non-practice) 
  • Laser strike
  • Airport diversion
  • Go around (non-practice)
  • ANYTHING that you think is a hazard concern. 

    ​We need your data input no matter how big or small!

Anonymous reports are always accepted and confidentiality will always be maintained. Only the Safety Officer receives this information and will approach the individual(s) for more details if necessary. We then determine if there should be an operational change or safety protocol established to address the hazard.

Questions or comments:

Christi Cushing
Assistant Director of Operations
Safety Officer​
508.531.2034 Office
774.888.7087 Cell

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Helpful Links and Resources​:

To report any issue, contact the Safety Officer:

To locate pertinent information about handling of emergency situations at the Aviation Training Center:

To find out more information on University emergency procedures, visit the BSU Police department website:

To get help relating to sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, contact the Title IX Office: