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​​​MIGE Global Topics

Global Topics

TVSBSC's Global Topics with Dr. Michael Kryzanek spotlights global research and endeavors of Bridgewater State University faculty. To watch these talks on BSU's TVSBSC YouTube channel, click on the links below.


Foreign Policy Issues facing the US / Presidential Campaign - part 5

It's been eleven years since that tragic day in September.  Two wars later, billions of dollars have been spent and thousands of American soldiers killed in injured.  This part takes a look at terrorism and the Al Qaeda threat.


Foreign Policy Issues facing the US / Presidential Campaign - part 4

Made in China - a juggernaut statement on the global industrial stage.  A holder of trillions of dollars of U.S. debt, a rising China is now in position to dominate economic policy in Asia.


Foreign Policy Issues facing the US / Presidential Campaign - part 3

Iran moves closer to advancing its nuclear capability, by their own admission for peaceful means.  Israel and other members of the world community do not seem convinced.  What does a nuclear Iran mean for stability of the Middle East, oil supplies and the global economic alliances?


Foreign Policy Issues facing the US / Presidential Campaign - part 2

The longest war in U.S. history is still raging in Afghanistan.  Can the US military and political complexes bring it to an end with out leaving a void that will present an even bigger threat?


Foreign Policy Issues Facing the US/ Presidential Campaign - part 1

Dr. Kryzanek examines the regime of Bashar Al-Assad and war torn Syria


Terrorism and the Al Qaeda Threat

Looking through the lens of the presidential campaign, Dr. Kryzanek lends insight into various foreign affairs and issues that are shaping policy decisions in the United States.


Financial World of the Middle East

Saeed Al-Muharrami, visiting Fulbright Scholar at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), explains the Arab and Islamic banking system and how it impacts world monetary policy and trade.


Women's Issues in the Middle East

Rahilla Zafar, author and contributor to the Huffington Post talks about current issues and challenges facing women in the Middle East.


Arab Spring and Women in the Middle East
Nabia Ramdani, freelance journalist, discusses the cultural and historical changes occurring in the Middle East as a result of the Arab Spring revolutions.


Jordanian Women in Education

Buthina Alobidyeen, instructor at Tafila Technical University in Jordan talks about global partnerships and how BSU helped prepare her for a career in higher education.


Women and Political Change in the Middle East
Randa Fahmy Hudome, President of Fahmy Hudome International LLC, discusses the cultural and political revolutions in the Middle East during Arab Spring.


Human Trafficking- Korea to the United States

Dr. Kyung-shick Choi discusses the global underworld of human trafficking.


Film-making in the Baltic Countries

Dr. Bjorn Ingvoldstad talks about global cinema with an emphasis on Lithuanian film.


The World's Newest Country -- Southern Sudan

Dr. Sandra Popiden talks about the emergence of the country of Southern Sudan and its efforts for independence.


Mothers Making Latin America

Dr. Erin O'Connor discusses her forthcoming book, Mothers Making Latin America.


Belize Education Initiatives

Patrick Faber, Belize's Minister of Education and Youth discusses teacher training and education initiatives in his country.