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            For more than 43 years, Bridgewater State University (BSU) has sponsored the Children’s Physical Developmental Clinic (CPDC), a nationally recognized academic program fostering professional development, service learning and leadership engagement.  The CPDC affords students from all majors a challenging opportunity to volunteer as clinicians working with children and youth with disabilities, ages of 18 months to 18 years.
            Further, the clinic program seeks to improve the “total development” of children with disabilities by enhancing vital physical and motor developmental patterns and aquatic skills. The program stresses improvement of self-esteem by strengthening the emotional-social aspects of a child’s personality through successful involvement in play, recreation, and sport activities.
            Each semester, 120 students serve as clinicians and group leaders, making the CPDC the largest student organization on campus.  Over the years, BSU students have come to realize the CPDC not only augments their professional preparation; but, upon graduation, is a major asset when seeking employment and entrance to graduate school.
            So on this, the 43rd year of the Children’s Physical Developmental Clinic, the clinic program continues to assist individuals with disabilities to live more independent and productive lives. Moreover, the clinic program prepares young professionals for teaching and allied health careers, as well as community service and leadership roles throughout New England.
Professional Outcomes
  • Addresses physical, motor, and social needs of children and youth with disabilities;
  • Enhances aspirations of society by assisting individuals with disabilities to live independent and productive lives;
  • Prepares professionals for teaching, human service, as well as community service and leadership roles;
  • Strengthens the human potential of communities throughout New England.