Middle East Studies Minor

Middle East Studies Minor

The Middle East Studies minor at BSU offers courses related to the region of the Middle East. Students choosing the Middle East Studies as a minor will be exposed to the cultures and societies of the region through study of language, visual arts, history, and social science. Minors will take an interdisciplinary approach to the political and socio-cultural aspects of the many countries of the region. The program seeks to complement other interdisciplinary minors offered by BSU. It serves the following aims:

  1. to offer a structured program of courses related to the Middle Eastern region;

  2. to enhance both student awareness of geo-political complexities and student sensitivity to the diverse array of Middle Eastern cultures;

  3. to foster media literacy skills, cross-disciplinary analysis; and research opportunities that only an interdisciplinary minor can provide; and

  4. to prepare students for careers and post graduate study.

This multidisciplinary minor encompassing 6 courses (18 credits). No more than two courses may be taken in one department. At least 3 courses (9 credits) must be taken at 300 level or higher. Special-topics courses can be included in the minor, depending upon the specific topic covered with relation to the region of the Middle East. A grade of C or higher is required for all courses in the minor.

Complete 6 courses (18 credits) from the following:


People and Cultures of the Near East


Myths and Peoples of the Ancient Near East


Survey of Islamic Art and Architecture


Monuments as Cultural Symbols and Emblems of Power




Art History Study Tour (Turkey, Morocco)


Introduction Intercultural Communication


Topics in Film: Iranian Cinema


Patterns of International Communication


Geography of the Middle East

*HIST- 439

Topics in Non-United States History: The Islamic Religious Tradition


Islamic Civilization to 1400


The Modern Middle East


Undergraduate History Colloquium: Islamic History


Elementary Arabic I


Elementary Arabic II


Government and Politics in the Middle East


Middle Eastern Societies


*Special topics and study tour courses may be included in the minor, depending upon the specific topic covered, with prior consent of the Middle Eastern program coordinator.