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Department of Communication Studies 
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The BSU Department of Communication Studies offers students a liberal-arts approach to understanding how human beings come together to make meaning and how best to create and analyze effective aural, written, and visual communication.
To achieve these dual goals, the department has designed a program that strives to:
  • Foster the student's ability to integrate critical, theoretical, and ethical perspectives in the field of communication and apply them to their professional, personal and civic lives.
  • Enable students to do analytical work and critical thinking in oral exposition and argument, in the literature of communication, and in the research that supports it.
  • Prepare students for careers in communication and media studies, for work in other fields for which communication is pivotal for success, and for advanced study in the communication field.
  • Train students in the areas of public speaking, interpersonal communication, group communication, organizational communication, public relations, media studies, radio, video, film appreciation, and journalism.
  • Focus on human communication skills, communication and media research and critical studies, communication technology, and legal and ethical issues.
Department Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to:
  1. Access, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information in a variety of contexts. 
  2. Know the historical dimensions and development of the field.
  3. Demonstrate competence in constructing and analyzing arguments and discourse intended to influence beliefs, attitudes, values, and practices.
  4. Demonstrate competence as oral, written and visual communicators in a variety of contexts.
  5. Understand diverse and global social constructions of cultural understandings, ideologies, and values.
  6. Demonstrate ethical standards involved in communication.
​The major is comprised of three concentrations​Students must choose a concentration upon entering the major.

Contact Information

Department of Communication Studies
Clement C. Maxwell Library
Room Lib215
10 Shaw Road
Bridgewater, MA 02325
Tel: 508.531.1348
Fax: 508.531.1425
Ms. Barbara Landers