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Criminal Justice


Criminal Justice Student Organization

Criminal Justice Student Organization
It is the mission of the Criminal Justice Student Organization (CJSO) to plan events and provide activities that will further our exploration, experience, and understanding of the world of criminal justice. As a student organization we will also strive to contribute to local communities, neighborhoods, civic groups and criminal justice stakeholders by participating in meaningful and positive activities that are crime preventative in nature. This organization seeks to inspire students, provide opportunities to strengthen their skills, build confidence, develop social networks, and give them an opportunity to make a real difference. The CJSO gives students an opportunity to go beyond the textbooks and touch lives.
2015-2016 CJSO Officers

President:  Jose Buten
Vice President: Logan Healy

Chief of Staff: Gabriela Campos

Chief Financial Officer: Rachel Smith
Faculty Advisors:  Dr. Wendy Wright,  
                                Prof. Stephen Simms,
CJSO Meetings:
What's Happening:
Stay tuned for what's happening.
To be a part of the Criminal Justice Student Organization, simply go to the involvement network and register on the IN network! Once registered you will have access to add CJSO to your involvement here at Bridgewater State University!
For more information on this organization, please contact:
The Criminal Justice Department

CJSO has been SGA approved.