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Criminal Justice


Undergraduate Internship

Undergraduate Internship:
Our internship program (CRJU 498) is one option for fulfilling the senior project requirement. Please read the following instructions very carefully!  It is important that all students follow these guidelines when considering an internship!
Also read the information on the Criminal Justice webpage.
Student eligibility criteria are as follows:
®    Overall Grade Point Average of at least 2.50 (not 2.4999);
®    Academic standing as a senior (students must have earned a minimum of 84 credits before beginning an internship);
®    Prerequisite courses: CRJU 201, 202, 320/420, and 330/430, 331, 335/341, 354, 406, 410. CRJU 410 can be taken concurrently with the internship (See the catalog description for CRJU 498);
®    Written consent of appropriate supervising agency personnel and the BSU Department of Criminal Justice internship coordinator and chairperson;
®    The internship application must be completed and signed by all parties (student, internship coordinator, student's academic adviser and the department chair) and submitted to the internship coordinator no later than the following strict deadlines:
December 1 for spring internship
April 1 for summer internship
August 1 for fall internship
®    The application and more information can be found at the BSU Internship Office website:
®    Some students may receive a stipend from the BSU Foundation.  Information can be found at the BSU Internship Office website.
Some internships can take up to six months to be approved so begin early.  The student obtains her/his own internship.  If the student does not have any ideas about where to find an internship, she/he should consult the BSU Career Services webpage and/or the Criminal Justice Internship Coordinator (Dr. Jo-Ann Della Giustina).
Schedule an appointment with the Criminal Justice Internship Coordinator early in the semester PRIOR to the term when you intend to complete the internship. You must bring your degree works to the meeting and be prepared to discuss:
®    Your overall GPA to determine eligibility;
®    Discuss your plans, goals and objectives to help determine what types of
      internship might work best for you;
®    Discuss how many credits student will be applying for (3 – 15):
·         45 actual worked hours = 1 credit
·         3 credits = 135 worked hours
·         Only 3 credits can be applied to the Criminal Justice program
·         Additional credits will be free electives
·         Credit hours must be determined PRIOR to enrollment. Hours cannot be increased after enrollment.
·         Students are not allowed to start an internship before completing the application process.
Although students may complete more than one internship in different semesters, subsequent internships must be in a different agency or organization and should be in a different type of agency.  For example, if the first internship is in a parole office, the second internship must be in an agency other than a parole office.  Another example is that a student cannot participate in a law enforcement internship and the Police Academy.
Students may not participate in an internship in an agency/organization where they are working.  This includes the Police Academy.
Once an internship is obtained, schedule another appointment with the Department's Internship Coordinator.

®    Please bring a letter or email  from the supervising agency describing the duties the intern will be assigned
®    Please bring a completed application.
µ       Fill out the application prior to your meeting with the internship coordinator;
µ       You must obtain your advisor’s signature
®    The Department's Internship Coordinator  will
µ       Check the application for completeness;
µ       Ensure that the internship site is an appropriate one;
µ       Discuss all requirements for the course, which include periodic classes, an evaluation process (a form filled out by the agency on-site internship supervisor) and other course requirements.
®    Once all signatures have been obtained, the student will take the application to the Registrar’s Office

Please do not start an internship before completing the application
process!  You may discover that your GPA renders you ineligible
for academic credit.  You may not receive retroactive credit for an
internship completed before the submission of the requisite
application or completed while attending another academic institution. 
Additional Questions?
Contact the Internship Coordinator:
Dr. Mia Ortiz
Associate Professor
Internship Coordinator
Maxwell Library, 311F
Tel: (508) 531-2427