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​​​​International Scholars 2019-2020
Dr. Yongmei Wu, female 
​Dr. Yongmei Wu

Meet Dr. Yongmei Wu, a visiting professor in the fields of gender studies, population aging, modern advertising, mass media and popular culture in East Asia. Yongmei will be here at BSU for the full 2018-19 academic year. She obtained her Ph.D. degree from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Hong Kong in 2001. She was a post-doctoral fellow at the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, the University of Hong Kong (2010-2013). And currently she is Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, the University of Hong Kong. Previously she taught at the Beijing Center for Japanese Studies in Beijing Foreign Studies University (1994-2010). She is also a part-time professor at the Department of Japanese Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr. Wu’s research interest focuses on cross-cultural and interdisciplinary investigations of gender, family and marriage, popular culture, advertising/film/TV and consumer culture, ideology and social problems in contemporary China and Japan. Her major publications include, Graphic Images and Consumer Culture: Analysis of Modern Advertising Culture in China (The University of Hong Kong Press, 2014); The Care of the Elderly in Japan (RoutledgeCurzon /Routledge Press, 2004/2009); Japanese Movies (Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2011); “Selling Modernity: Housewives as Portrayed in Yufenpai (Calendar Posters) and Magazine Advertisements in Shanghai of the 1920s and 1930s”(Brill, 2013); “Japanese Sub-culture and Gender in China: The Viewpoints of Japan of the 1980s Generation” (NHK Books, 2010); “Japanese Popular Culture in China: The view of Japan of the Chinese 1980s Generation” (Shandong People’s Press, 2010), and “Why the Myth of Li Xianglan was Re-produced?”(Publisher of the Magazine of Film Art, 2010), etc.​

Ms. Huifang Zhao, femal and BSU mascot Bristaco
Ms. Huifang Zhao

Meet Ms. Huifang Zhao, a visiting scholar in the field of modern Chinese literature and magazine studies. Huifang will stay here at BSU for the full 2019-2020 academic year. She obtained her Master of Literature at Beijing Language and Culture University. She is a professor and master’s guide in Huaibei Normal University. She was a Visiting Scholar in the School of Humanities at Zhongshan University (2002-2003). She was invited to visit and write by the Universities Service Centre for China Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2003. She has been conferred the honor of naming as a visiting researcher at the Bingxin Literature Museum (in Fuzhou, China). She mainly teaches Modern Chinese Literature and Mandarin. She established the Students Volunteer Rural Education Society, leading students to teach in rural primary schools around Huaibei city every Wednesday afternoon, compulsory teaching, donation of clothing and stationery. Her major teaching and research interest include modern Chinese literature, magazine(1900-1950), rural education, etc. Her major publications include Deep Expansion of the Object Scope of Contemporary Female Literature Research: On the “Marginalized” Female Creation in Late Qing Dynasty and Republican Period (Academics, 2016), On Bing Xin's Speech on Literature and Writing (Chinese Modern Literature Research Series, 2015), The Writing Strategy of Maintaining Cultural Differences: On the Significance of Ethnic Identity in Shen Congwen's Creation (Literary Review Series, 2013), Research on Shen Congwen and His Wifes Creations in the View of Ecological Criticism (Guangming Daily Press, 2015), etc.

Ms. Tianying FU, female
Ms. Tianying Fu

Meet Ms. Tianying Fu, a visiting scholar in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Translation Studies. Ms. Fu will stay at BSU from September 2019 to February 2020. She graduated from Beijing Normal University with a Master’s degree in English Chinese Translation Studies. She has been working in the School of Foreign Languages and Communication Studies in Beijing Jiaotong University for 19years, and mainly teaches non-English majors two courses: College English and English-Chinese Translation Practice. Her major teaching and research interest includes second language acquisition, linguistics and translation studies. She is currently working on a project granted by the National Social Science Fund of China: Study on the Language Ability Development of Preschool Children and Its Influencing Factors in the Urbanization process (Jun. 2017 – Jun. 2020). Her major publications include: Comparison and Contrast between the Scientific Approach and the Artistic Approach in Translation Studies. In Jiang Xueqing & Jin Tiezhu, (Ed.) Culture, Language, Teaching, Practice (pp. 432-437). Beijing Jiaotong University Press; Fu Tianying. (2015). Essential College English (Teachers’ Book 4, 2nd edition). Peking University Press; Fu Tianying. (2013). Essential College English (Students’ Book 4, 2nd edition). Peking University Press; Fu Tianying. (2012). Appreciating English Films - Viewing, Listening and Speaking of 21st Century College New English. Fudan University Press; Fu Tianying. (2011). Nucleus College English Reading and Writing Course. Shanghai Jiaotong University Press; Fu Tianying. (2009). College English 1, 2, 3. Beijing Jiaotong University Press; Fu Tianying. (2005). College English Grammar Standardized Course. Beijing Jiaotong University Press. Her recent translated works include: Fu Tianying. (2015). Retrospect and Prospect on China's Rural Reform in the Past 30 Years. Canadian Academy of Oriental and Occidental Culture; Fu Tianying. (2007). The Wicked Wit of Jane Austin (by Dominique Enright). Oriental Publishing House, P. R. China. 

Puyu San

Meet Mr. Puyu San, a visiting scholar in the field of statistics. Puyu will stay at BSU for the Spring 2020 semester, and he is teaching Math 110 Elementary Statistics and other math courses. Mr. San really enjoys teaching and being involved to develop new entry-level statistics courses at BSU. Puyu was a data analyst (2010 – 2013), and his work experience aroused his interest to pursue a master's degree in statistics and data science. Puyu obtained his Master of Science degree in Statistics at Arizona State University under the supervision of Dr. Mark Reiser in 2017. His master thesis is bootstrap confidence intervals for the location of quadratic curves, and this work was presented at Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) in Chicago, 2016. Mr. San’s research interests are in the field of longitudinal data analysis, Nonparametric Statistics, mixed models, and big data. During his graduate career, he was an instructor aide at Arizona State University (2014 - 2016), and assisted the instructor in the classroom with teaching and answering students’ various questions from brief calculus, business calculus to elementary statistics courses. ​

ALa Naser Photo.jpg
Dr. Ala Naser

Meet Dr. Ala M. Naser a visiting Professor in the field of Music, Ala will be here at BSU for spring 2019-2020 academic years. He obtained his Ph.D from Helwan University (2004) from Egypt, MA from University Saint-Esprit de Kaslik (1996) from Lebanon, and BA from Yarmouk University (1993) from Jordan. Currently he is Associate Professor of Music Yarmouk University in Jordan. Previously he worked as Associate Dean for Quality Control Faculty of Fine Arts, Yarmouk University, Assistance Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts, Yarmouk University, Supervisor of student activities, AL Al-Bayt University, Jordan. Supervisor of student activities, Al-Isra University, Jordan, (2007-2009) Assistance Professor of Music, Jordan Academy of Music, Jordan. (2008-2009) lecturer of Music, Part- time, one course, Music Education, Petra University, Jordan. (2007-2008) Music Teacher, part-time, Pre-Kg2 private school, Jordan. (2005-2007) Al-Isra University, Assistance Dean of Students Affairs, full-time, and lecturer of  Music Education, Part- time, one course, Music Education, (3 hours per week), Jordan.(2004-2005) Music Teacher, Future American School, Egypt. (2003-2004) Music Teacher, Muscat Private School, Muscat, Oman. (2002- 2003) Music Teacher, Hay AL Shrouq Private School, Sur, Oman.(1996-2000) Music Supervisor, Deanship of Student Affairs, AL Al-Bayt University. Jordan. (1999-1999) Composer, Jordan TV, Composing music for a Jordanian television series, Amman, Jordan. (1993-1993) Music Supervisor, Al-Isra University, Amman, Jordan.
JT - BSU  Library.jpg Dr. Jorge Tolentino
Cape Verde
Born in Mindelo, Island of S. Vincente, Cabo Verde, Ambassador Jorge Tolentino earned his Law degree at the Faculty of Law–University of Coimbra, Portugal. As an author, jurist, and career diplomat, he has fulfilled many critical roles in the government of Cabo Verde for almost ten years. He has served as Minister of Defense, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and as an advisor to former President Antonio Mascarenhas Monteiro. As a representative of Cabo Verde, he has served as Ambassador to Germany, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Spain. He has been dedicating particular attention to the historical relations between the United States and Cabo Verde. His most recent work published is precisely entitled ‘United States of America and Cabo Verde: a Historic and Strategic Partnership’. Dr. Tolentino is a member of the Capeverdean Academy of Letters, a founding member of the Capeverdean Society of Authors, and served as a member of the Executive Board of the Capeverdean Writers Association. In addition to penning several books, Dr. Tolentino has garnered various prestigious awards, including the National Prize of Literature marking the fifth anniversary of the National Independence, the Medal of Distinguished Services by the Government of the Republic of Cape Verde, and the Order of Naval Merit (Grand Officer) by the Federative Republic of Brazil.