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International Student and Scholar Services



 International Orientation Leaders  
International Orientation Leaders are current BSU students who commit their time and energy to helping new international students adjust and transition to life in the United States and at BSU.  They help ISSS with organizing and conducting International Student Orientation and other events, help new international students settle into the residence halls, obtain a Connect Card, etc., and acquire important leadership skills in the process.  American and international students are encouraged to apply.
Meet our 2019-2020 International Orientation Leaders!
International Orientation Leader, male 
Chiho Han
Computer Science
Class of 2021

Where ​are you from?
 Cheongdo, South Korea
Where have you traveled to? The first of my travel abroad was Europe, I visited Northern, and southern Europe and I went to Shanghai, China as a field trip in high school. I traveled Brunei and I studied in Brisbane, Australia and traveled some of cities in Australia.
Where in the world do you most want to visit and why? I want to visit England again. My favorite sport is soccer and as you know England is the country of soccer. Thus, if I have chance, I want to visit all of stadiums in the England Premier League.
Why did you become an International Orientation Leader? I like to make friends, and I think it is the most helpful way to make friends that I become an International Orientation Leader. Furthermore, I want to help the new international students to be involved on campus and answer their questions and concerns. During the last orientation, I felt every student came from different countries and places, thus they were not willing to talk with other people. Hence, I want to be the connection between them, talk to them first and make a more comfortable atmosphere at orientation for them.
What are you most excited about for this new semester? I am very much looking forward to meeting new international student at BSU and share their culture from many countries. I’d especially like to learn new languages.

International Orientation Leader, female
Jianan Hao
Computer Science & Finance
Class of 2020

Where are you from? Seattle, Washington and China
Where have you traveled to? Japan, Canada, Mexico, US (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, New York)
Where in the world do you most want to visit and why? I hope travel to north Africa, Egypt, Morocco, and the Sahara desert, because the vastness of it makes the heart grow stronger, and all the troubles seem insignificant. Also, someone says, “going to the desert is the only way to complete your life."
Why did you become an International Orientation Leader? When I was in Seattle, I studied in an international campus, so all my classmates came from different countries.  It was interesting communicating with people who were from different cultures. 
What are you most excited about for this new semester? Two exciting things are I will start my honor group study and internship in the new semester.​​

International Orientation Leader, female
Anna Mammedova
Master of Business Administration
Class of 2020

Where are you from? I am from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Where have you traveled to?  I have studied in Russia for two semesters as my study-abroad year and visited about 25 states while living in the US.
Where in the world do you most want to visit and why? I would love to visit Africa and specifically Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. I'm mesmerized by the culture and people from these countries and believe it would be a transformative experience to see and explore these places.
Why did you become an International Orientation Leader? I believe I can contribute a lot of the experience of new students. I have been in America for over six years now and would love to help students​ overcome initial culture shock and homesickness for the faster adjustment to the new country. Plus I', a very social person and like meeting new people. 
What are you most excited about for this new semester? I would love to say my classes. I start my concentration in Finance this semester, Spring 2019, and feel like I'm ready to embrace this new challenge.
International Orientation Leader, female 
Anna Fateiger
Class of 2020

Where are you from? Stow, Massachusetts
Where have you traveled to? Italy, Canada, and South Korea
Where in the world do you most want to visit and why? I would love to have the opportunity to visit Germany and Poland. My great grandparents are from Germany and their names are on Ellis Island. I think it would be great to learn more about my family history.
Why did you become and International Orientation Leader? I really enjoy meeting new people and making new friends, and this is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world! Also, being a senior, I know quite a bit about the BSU campus and how to get involved and get the full experience while being here. I have also been in a position in a country where I did not know the language and was surrounded by unfamiliar food, places, and people. Luckily I had someone from there that helped me get acclimated and work through it. I hope I can do the same for international students!
What are you most excited about for this new semester? I am most excited to start my honors thesis! I am very passionate about my honors thesis since it is about plastic pollution in the ocean, and it is my dream to help the environment.

International Orientation Leader, female
Mary Zheng
Class of 2021

Where are you from? Lynnfield, MA
Where have you traveled to? China
Where in the world do you most want to visit and why? I would like to visit Nepal the most, because of the beautiful mountains and breathtaking architecture. I also believe that exposing oneself to a completely different culture is a humbling experience that everyone should have at least once in a lifetime.
Why did you become an International Orientation Leader? Over the last year, I have become friends and created memories with many international students, and I enjoyed talking to them and giving them advice when they needed it the most. I am also very open and interested​ in learning all I can about the world, and people are the best way to go!
What are you most excited about for this new semester? I am excited about meeting new people! I am a very friendly person, so approach me anytime you want!