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​Legacy Exploration and Preservation Groups

​2015-2016 Team
Legacy Exploration and Preservation Groups (LEPG) are designed to promote psychological health for adults in Southeastern Massachusetts by engaging in self-reflection, exploring family history and traditions, rediscovering one’s roots, deepening one’s life purpose, and by expanding their capacity for caring. Specifically, facilitators guide adults toward becoming the “keeper of meaning” by preserving and sharing their family legacy with future generations. The primary benefits and significance of this project are for group members to enhance their sense of psychological well-being by experiencing an increased connection to one’s family, heritage, and to the global community; and to promote positive development with the beneficiaries of their legacy – future generations. Participants consist of groups of adults across the lifespan, specifically targeting veterans and those who have an affiliation with active military or veterans (e.g., family member, provider of services, etc.) and elders.​


 LEPG PowerPoint Presentation

​​Legacy Exploration and Preservation Groups

Kelly Gymnasium, Room 103
Email: legacyproject