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Discounted MBTA Commuter Rail Semester Pass
Bridgewater State University is pleased to offer its students the opportunity to purchase MBTA passes for the semester at an 11% discount. Passes must be purchased for the entire semester in advance. Individual monthly passes (CharlieTickets) must be picked up each month during the semester.  Link Passes are an exception and are distributed as a CharlieCard, once per semester. During the last week of the previous month, students will be notified via email when passes are available for pickup in the Parking Services and Connect Card Office. Please have your Connect Card (BSU ID) when picking up your MBTA pass.
You may purchase Fall 2019 passes online beginning June 1st. The deadline to purchase passes for the fall semester is August 8th.  Fall passes offer unlimited rides from September 1st through December 31st. Listed below are the various passes available and their costs. There are no cancellations or refunds.
 Please make your decision and purchase carefully. Double check the routes you anticipate traveling in to insure that the pass you purchase is correct. There is absolutely no cancellation, refund, or changing pass types once purchased. The MBTA does not allow changes.
Pass Type:
 Semester Fees Subject to Change
Zone Cost (Sept-Dec)
Commuter Boat  $1,168.00
Commuter Rail Zone 1A  $  320.00
Commuter Rail Zone 1  $  760.00
Commuter Rail Zone 2  $  824.00
Commuter Rail Zone 3  $   928.00
Commuter Rail Zone 4  $1,000.00
Commuter Rail Zone 5 ​ $1,104.00
Commuter Rail Zone 6 $1,208.00
Commuter Rail Zone 7 $1,280.00
Commuter Rail Zone 8  $1,380.00
Commuter Rail Zone 9  $1,444.00
Commuter Rail Zone 10  $1,516.00
  Semester Local Bus Pass                   $ 192.00
  Semester Monthly Link Pass               $ 320.00
  Semester Inner Express Bus Pass      484.00
  Semester Outer Express Bus Pass     $ 596.00

Bridgewater State University will accept payment online. Purchase passes
If you have any questions concerning the routes, contact the MBTA directly at (617) 222-3200 or visit 
For schedule and commuter rail stations on the Middleborough/Lakeville Commuter Rail Line, please click here. 
For information on the commuter rail stations included in each zone, please visit the MBTA's website at 
For questions concerning purchasing MBTA passes, malfunction or for lost passes purchased through the Parking Services and Connect Card Office please contact the office, 508-531-2897.