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Parking FAQ's

Q: I'm a night student and on campus only after 4 p.m. Do I need a decal?
A: Yes. All vehicles on campus must display a valid parking decal or pass while parked on campus. The only time decals are not required are on weekends from 4 p.m. Friday - 6 p.m. Sunday.
Q: What should I do if my original decal is on a car I sold, or that vehicle is no longer on the road?
A: If possible, scrape the old decal off your vehicle and bring it to the Parking Services & Connect Card Office where you'll complete a form to obtain a new decal. You'll be issued a replacement decal at no charge for your next vehicle. Your old decal will be voided in the university's computer system.
Q: My car has a decal, but it's being repaired. Can I borrow someone else's car for a few days and keep that one on campus?
A: Yes, you can keep a borrowed car on campus, however you need to come to the Parking Services & Connect Card Office (during normal business hours) or the BSU Police Department  to obtain a temporary parking pass at no charge.
Q: I don't normally have a car on campus, but I just need to bring one for the week. Can I get a temporary pass?
A: Yes. For upper class or commuter students who don't have a vehicle with a decal, temporary parking passes can be purchased from the Parking Services & Connect Card Office for $10 per week.
Q: My doctor says I can't walk long distances; can I park in handicapped parking?
A: No. Drivers are only allowed to park in handicapped parking if they have handicapped plates or an appropriate handicap permit. If you have a health concern that limits your ability to walk to and from campus buildings, bring documentation from your health care provider to the Wellness Center located in Weygand Hall. If your request is approved, the Parking Services & Connect Card Office will issue you a pass to park in specifically defined areas.  Please check our main webpage for details.
Q: A friend is visiting my residence hall. Can he/she park his/her car on campus?
A: Yes. Visitors are welcome on campus. They must get a day  pass at the Parking Services & Connect Card Office. The pass will specify which lot to park in.  Please have overnight guests park in the Swenson Lot. No pass is required.
Q: I can't get to the Parking Services & Connect Card Office during business hours for a temporary pass. What should I do?
A: In most cases, the BSU Police dispatcher can issue you a temporary pass. For decals and multiple day passes, please call the Parking Services & Connect Card Office to discuss alternative ways to obtain your decal/pass.