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Snow Emergency Parking Guidelines


Snow Emergency Parking Guidelines


All students: When there is an actual or anticipated snow emergency, rotating yellow “snow alert” beacons will be activated in campus resident parking lots. These beacons are indicators within these respective lots to remove the vehicles located between the signs. This is in preparation for snow removal within these respective lots. Informational signs will be posted in residence halls providing instructions to owners of resident vehicles as to procedures to follow during an upcoming inclement weather event. Further information to vehicle owners will be provided throughout a weather event. 

Designated sections of certain resident lots (Great Hill Drive Lot, Shea/Durgin Lot, Student Apartments Lot, Tower Lot, Weygand Hall Lot, and the Woodward Hall Lot) have signage indicating that in the event of a snow alert, those designated sections must be vacated by 11:59 p.m. on the day that the snow alert is put into effect, or vehicles will be ticketed and towed to allow sufficient space for snow removal. Cars should be moved to unrestricted spaces in any authorized lot. 

During a snow alert, in addition to the designated sections of resident lots mentioned above, any vehicle parked in violation of snow alert instructions will be ticketed and may be towed without warning if the vehicle's location obstructs snow removal efforts. The current fine for impeding snow removal is $75.00. If a vehicle must be towed, it will done at the vehicle owner's expense, at a cost of $125.00 plus $20.00 per day storage and the $75.00 fine (fees and fines are subject to change). Commuter and faculty/staff lots will receive first priority for snow removal to ensure that these lots are ready once the University re-opens. Resident lots will then be cleared. 

Resident students: It may be necessary for resident students to move their cars to facilitate snow removal. This notification will be made through pre-recorded snow parking messages at 508-531-7765 (RSNL) and channel 11 analog, channel 131.1 digital of the ResNet cable television system. In addition, the Resident Director (RD) on duty sends out information via e-mail to resident students. The content of the e-mail is from the Facilities Management Department. Resident students will be asked to move their cars temporarily while resident lots are cleared. Instructions and timelines will be provided via the methods outlined above. During the winter weather season, it is advisable for all permit holders to maintain scrapers and shovels in their vehicles to assist in moving from one lot to another and back again when the lot is cleared. 

Commuter students: Commuter students may call the Inclement Weather Line at 508-531-1777, check the BSU website, or listen to the radio and television stations identified above to learn if the University will be closed. 

When the University is closed, commuter students are asked not to come on campus. If for some reason you are required to do so, you must contact the BSU Police Department for special parking instructions. Failure to do so may result in enforcement action for impeding snow removal.

 Students with disabilities requiring assistance: The BSU Police Department will be the contact point for the needs of disabled students. The police will notify the Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management of any such requests. 

University employee parking when the University is closed: It is critical that nonessential employees do not report to work voluntarily during a closure. Essential employees should park in their regularly assigned parking spaces unless otherwise directed by the BSU Police Department or Facilities Management Department​.
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