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National Residence Hall Honorary - "Bristaco" Chapter 

Representing the top 1% of student leaders in college residence halls.

The BRISTACO Chapter of NRHH works hard to establish and maintain good community on campus and in the residence halls, promote leadership by example, and work to give back to our surrounding community as well. We strive to recognize students for their accomplishments, some that may go unnoticed at times, to ensure that the effort will be put into all they do at BSU, large or small.
NRHH is the recognition branch of NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls). NACURH, as an organization, truly believes that recognition is a must in a strong Residence Hall community. As such, NRHH is there to make sure that we don't forget to give those needed and more than deserved pats on the back. The basic way NRHH works on campus is through a chapter. NRHH chapters have a very special way of recognizing those top leaders, by membership. The NRHH chapter membership (per school) is restricted to 1% of students living in the residence halls. -NRHH National Website

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As NRHH consists of the top 1% of residential student leaders, the BRISTACO Chapter of NRHH can have no more than 33 a​ctive members. Members must be resident students who meet membership criteria.

2016-2017 Executive Board

Danielle Dupuis      President
Juliette Zielinski Vice President of Service
Position Vacant Vice President of Recognition TBD
​Michaela Rodenhiser Vice President of Community Outreach
Julia Stern        Vice President of Administration  
Tiffany Hoyt​ ​Co-Advisor
Shelly Keniston​ Co-Advisor​​

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Phone: 508.531.1277
Fax: 508.531.6179