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Residence Life and Housing



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Congratulations on your acceptance to BSU!
We are excited that you have selected to become a member of our residential community.  Please make sure to submit you $250 housing deposit to secure a space on campus for the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 academic year. 
​​Deposit Payments

  • ​​Online Payment via Credit Card (preferred payment option)
    • Go to: https://secure.touchnet.c​om/C20026_tsa/web/login.jsp​
    • CLICK “Student”, then enter your Banner ID and PIN #
    • Once logged in, select “Deposits”, from the top menu
    • Select "Fall 2020" as the "Term"
    • Select  "Room Deposit Fall 2020"  as the "Deposit Type"
    • Then continue to pay your $250 housing deposit by credit card or electronic check
    • Payment can also be made over the phone via credit card or electronic check with one of the cashiers at 508.531.1277
  • The Office of Student Accounts via Checks, Money Orders, or Cash Payments
    • You may submit the deposit in person at the Office of Student Accounts in Boyden Hall, Room 107.
    • You may mail checks to The Office of Student Accounts, Bridgewater State University, 131 Summer St., Boyden Hall, Room 107, Bridgewater, MA 02325
      • Make sure your name, Banner ID and the words “Housing Deposit” are written on your check or money order.
Any questions about how to make a payment or the payment site please contact Student Accounts 508.531.1225 or

  New S​tudent and Transfer Student Room Selection Timeline
Room Selection Timeline ​​For 2020-2021 academic year​
​Monday, May 6, 2019 ​Residence Hall License Agreements will be made available via MyHousing to students who have submitted a deposit
​Sunday, June 23, 2019 Priority deadline for Residence Hall License Agreements to be submitted, to be able to participate in room selection
​Monday, June 24, 2019 ​Transfer Student room selection
Wednesday, June 26, 2019 New Student LLC/Special Housing programs Room Selection
​Thursday, June 27-Friday, June 28, 2019 New Student Room Selection

Gender Inclusive Housing
​​Gender Inclusive Housing offers resident the opportunity to choose their roommates without regard to the gender of the individuals.  This program is offered in Woodward Hall.
New students who are interested in living in a gender inclusive living environment will have the option to indicate this preference on their residence hall license agreement.
During the roommate search/group formation process, students who indicated their preference to live in a gender inclusive environment, will be able to search for compatible roommates without a gender restriction.
If student do not find a compatible roommate through this process, they can be returned to the single gender search process, by sending a request in writing to
The Office of Residence Life and Housing (RLH) will identify floors and rooms within the residence halls that can accommodate a gender inclusive environment.  Due to building design limitations, gender in​clusive housing may not be available in every residence hall.
​Quiet Living
Quiet Living areas are for resident students who would like to live in an environment where they can focus on their academics and other priorities in a quiet and respectful living environment.  Students choosing to live in this community agree to adhere to a 24- hour quiet hours.

Living-Learning Communities
Students to select to live in Living-Learning Communities will be asked to fill out a follow-up interest form at a later date.  We will contact you at your BSU email address regarding this form.  

This LLC for all BSU students provides LGBTQ+ (includes but not limited to asexual, bisexual, gay,  lesbian, non-binary, pansexual, transgender, two-spirit, queer, questioning, and ally) students with safe and consistent spaces to build community, foster identity development, and increase knowledge of LGBTQ+ inclusion and scholarship. The Pride Center co-sponsors this LLC with the English department and there is a one credit class associated with this LLC.

The Lavender LLC is housed in Weygand Hall​.

  First Year Honors LLC​

This LLC seeks to develop mentoring and leadership skills among honors students, as well as foster a sense of belonging and community. This LLC was created for upper-level honor students to live among their peers and receive direct outreach and programming from the Honors Center. The academic sponsor for this LLC is the Honors Program. Students in the Honors Upper-Level LLC will be invited to serve as PAL (Peer-Assisted Learning) mentors to the first-year honors students and will be able to waive 1 Commonwealth Honors credit for doing so. Those who are not interested in peer mentoring will be permitted to take a 1-credit colloquia offered to the Honors First-Year LLC students instead, which also earns them 1 honors credit.

The First-Year Honors LLC is housed in Scott Hall.

Sustainability LLC​

This LLC is meant to bring together students interested in fostering sustainability with faculty and staff at the university who share their interests and can collaborate on issues and projects that will make the BSU community more sustainable. The focus on the LLC will be on helping students develop their own projects to help change campus culture- especially among their fellow students- by identifying and implementing projects that will have the greatest impact on suitability. The academic sponsor is the Center for Sustainability, and there is a one-credit class that goes along with this LLC.

The Sustainability LLC is housed in Weygand Hall.

    Bartlett College of Science and Math LLC​

This LLC is designed for upper-division and first-year students that are science and/or math majors. These students will be housed in close proximity to the DMF Science & Math Center. The academic sponsor is the Bartlett College of Science & Mathematics.

The Science and Math LLC is housed in Pope Hall.

Music Majors and Minors LLC​

This LLC offers Bridgewater State students an opportunity to create, perform, and study music in a supportive and innovative setting.  Students in the Music LLC will be given opportunities to attend concerts, meet professional musicians, perform in student-driven recitals, write and arrange for other musicians, and support their fellow students in a variety of academic courses.  There are electronic keyboards available in Weygand Hall for practice and all music majors will have 24-7 access to practice rooms in Hunt Hall. The Music LLC is open to music majors, music minors, and students with a deep interest in performing, composing, arranging, and listening to all genres of music.

The Music LLC is housed in Weygand Hall​.

 Community Engagement LLC​

The Community Engagement LLC provides students with a supportive environment as they explore important social issues and injustices through the lens of community engagement. Students will engage in activities and discussions designed to develop their understanding of the different ways they can actively participate in their communities and become agents of positive social change. The academic sponsor is the Community Service Center which is housed within the Martin Richard Institute for Social Justice. This LLC includes a one-credit class component that meets on Tuesday evenings during the Fall and Spring semester. ​

The Community Engagement LLC is housed in Weygand Hall​.

Online Room Selection
      Student who opt to not participate in our Living-Learning Communities will select housing from our online room selection process.  Students in this process can select from any available bed in our first year residence halls.

Online Room Selection Rules and Requirements:
  •      To Participate, student must not have selected a space during anther phase of the room selection process (LLCs, gender inclusive, or quiet living)
  •      Students may select a room at any time after their selection time is activated
  •      Student may fill suites, rooms, or individual spaces depending on their roommate group.  Students are not required to fill a suite or a room during room selection.
  •      Student may not change their assignment after they finalize their selection.
       Room Selection Instructions-Fall 2019
       Roommate Search Instructions-New Students​

         Con​tact the Office of Residence Life and Housing with questions either via phone at 508.531.1277 or via email at
Additional Occupancy
At times the demand for housing at Bridgewater State University exceeds the number of spaces available for resident students.  In an effort to provide as many students as possible the opportunity to live on campus, the University will take a number of designed double rooms and add a third bed on a temporary basis.  As space becomes available, students will be offered the opportunity to move out into a permanent space.   Experience has shown that a significant number of student scheduled to live in the residence halls either never show up or withdraw after the semester begins.   
Students in these rooms will receive a 20% rebate on their housing charges for the time that they were living in a temporary additional occupancy room.  At the very latest this room set up will remain until the end of the fall semester.  For questions about additional occupancy, check out the additional occupancy program section HERE​
Students who deposit later in our process will be placed into our Additional Occupancy Room Selection.​
​Tips and Hints
        1. Pay attention​ to Deadlines. Reminder emails will be sent regarding important dates.
        2. Always have a backup plan.  Don't set your mind to one building or room configuration.  Plan multiple options ahead of selection.
        3. Make sure that your group is fully formed prior to selection.
        4. ALL ROOM SELECTIONS ARE FINAL!!! Housing assignments cannot be altered until all student have had an opportunity to select.
         Click 'HERE​' to go to our FAQs