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What is Room Selection?
Room selection is a process to allow current students to choose residence hall rooms for the 2019-2020 academic year. The intent is to make rooms available to students in the fairest manner possible.

Who can participate in Room Selection?
Any current student who paid a housing deposit by the priority deadline March 29, 2019 is eligible to participate in room selection fully.  

What if I have trouble logging into the application?
Help is available in the Office of Residence Life and Housing via phone 508.531.1277 or email at  The office is open Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

Who is eligible to participate in room selection?
Current  students who have paid a $250 housing deposit and completed the required housing license agreement by the stated deadline.

How are room selection times assigned?
All eligible students are randomly assigned a selection time by class year and gender.  Students with senior credits will select first, followed by students with junior credits, etc.

When my selection time is activated, how long will I have to select?
You may take as long as you like, but be aware that the next times will also be active at regular intervals

I forgot to pay my deposit but my friend has a selection time.  Can my friend pull me in?
No, if you did not pay your deposit by the deadline you are not eligible to participate in room selection.  You can pay your deposit at anytime after room selection, even over the summer.

I paid a deposit but I will not be retuning to housing for next year.  Can I give my selection time to a friend?
No, selection times are not transferable.

Can I get a single?
There will be a limited number of single rooms available through the room selection process.  If there are none open at your selection time you can fill out a room change request form after you have chosen your room.

What if I am not available to select at my selection time?
You may select at any time after your selection time.  

May I pull in friends to fill an entire suite/apartment in Crimson, DiNardo, Miles, Stonehouse, Student Apartments, or Weygand?
Yes.  In the online room selection process you may fill the entire suite although you do not have to.  To pull friends in first you must set up a roommate group where everyone requests each other.  You cannot go back in to the system to pull someone in after you have finalized your selection.

I'm a returning senior.  Do I get any special consideration?
No. You choose as a senior.

If I pay my room deposit early, will i get a better selection time?
It will not make a difference in your selection time.  However if you did not pay the deposit by the priority deadline you may not be able to receive a selection time.