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For the 2019-2020 academic year, Bridgewater State University is starting more themed communities to improve the residential experience! Our themed communities are listed below!
  • Healthy Living​​: ​Looking to live in a healthy environment? This community offers students who commit to being alcohol and substance free to live together.  Located in Stonehouse Hall
  • Break Stay Housing (formerly called Nine Month Housing) : Break stay housing allows students to remain on campus over the winter and spring break periods.  Located in Great Hill Student Apartments and Pope Hall  *This program costs an additional $500 per semester.  An additional agreement is required.  This will be sent to you within 48 hours of completing your Residence Hall License Agreement.
  • Greek Housing: Students who are part of a BSU Organization can sign up to live together with other Greek students.  Located in Weygand Hall.
  • Veteran's Housing: Student who are active/reserve military veterans can sign up to live in this community with other veterans.  Located in the Great Hill Student Apartments.
  • Gender Inclusive Housing:​ Students who wish to live with other students regardless of their gender, gender identity, or gender expression should sign up for Gender Inclusive Housing.  Please note you must fill a suite/apartments for Gender Inclusive Housing.
    • Please note: 
      • a limited number of gender inclusive suites will be offered
      • students must fill the entire suite with current BSU students.  Suites containing 4 and 6 people will be offered.
      • If interested, one student from each group must email Assistant Director of Housing Assignments Greg Mantolesky at and CC all students in the desired group.
        • All student MUST have paid their housing deposit by March 29, 2019
        • An application will not be considered complete until all housing deposits have been received​.
        • Please remember, BSU reserves the right to restrict the number of suites offered to gender inclusive housing.​
Not interested in any of these programs? No problem! Most Students select housing through our Online Room Selection process, which does not require a specific community! Just select Online Room Selection from the drop down menu on your Residence Hall License Agreement.
Remember you and your roommate/suitemates must select the same theme, LLC, or Online Room Selection to be able to form a roommate group.