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Enrollment Verification

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Enrollment Verification 

Bridgewater State University has partnered with the National Student Clearinghouse to provide students the ability to: 
  • Obtain an official letter verifying your current semester enrollment
  • Obtain an official letter verifying enrollment for all semesters attended
  • See student loan deferment notifications sent to Lenders and Guarantors 
  • See proof of enrollment provided to health insurers or other student services providers

Self-Service Enrollment Verifications:
  • ​Are available 24/7, when you need it
  • Are accessible directly through InfoBear
  • Save students a trip to the Registrar's Office
How do I request an enrollment verification?

Self-Service Option: Students may access an official enrollment verification through InfoBearOnce logged in, click on:
Student > Student Records > Request Enrollment Verification > Enrollment Verification > Obtain and Enrollment Certificate
In-Person/Fax/Mail Option: You can come into the office and request a letter on-the-spot, or you can fax or mail an enrollment verification request with the following information: 

  • Name of student
  • Banner ID
  • Which semester we are verifying (fall, spring or summer)
  • Anticipated graduation date
  • Your contact information
Whether we are mailing, faxing or emailing your request, please provide all relevant information, i.e., the complete address, fax number and/or email address (emailed and faxed letters do not show the university seal).

Only after the end of the drop/add period​ can we fill out third-party forms* or provide a letter verifying a student is registered** for the current semester.

Please note:
*Although we cannot fill out third party forms until after the end of the drop/add period, you can fax or mail the forms to our office beforehand and we will process them after the end of the drop/add ​period as long as all pertinent information is provided. ​
**We can also provide pre-registered verification letters before the end of the drop/add period of the current semester upon request, ​but please be sure to check with your respective third party to see if a "pre-registered" letter is acceptable. ​
Our enrollment verification letters are printed on Bridgewater State University letterhead, include the university seal, and provide the following information:

What is an enrollment verification?
Enrollment verification confirms to third parties that you are enrolled as a student at BSU. There are many situations in which you may need to verify your student status, for example, when applying for scholarships, deferring your student loans, or seeking insurance discounts. We can help you verify your enrollment via mail, fax or in-person. 

When can I access a self-service enrollment verification for the current semester?
The self-service feature is generally available two weeks after the drop/add period is over, once initial enrollment has been confirmed/reported to the National Student Clearinghouse. If a student attempts to print a current enrollment letter prior to this, their letter will display information for their last semester enrolled.

Is there any cost to use the self-service feature?

No! This is completely free for students to use.

Is there any difference between the certificate I print through the self-service option versus what I would receive in-person?

No, the enrollment certificate you can print on-demand is just as official as a letter printed in the Registrar’s Office and contains the same general information (Name, Semester Dates, Enrollment Status & Anticipated Graduation Date).

I was enrolled earlier this semester but had to withdraw, why does my letter show “No Longer Enrolled”?
The Self-Service system provides confirmation of the latest enrollment information. If a student withdraws from all their courses, they are no longer considered enrolled for the semester. Students can however, choose the All Enrollment option which will display not only the latest enrollment, but any prior enrollment statuses reported.

If I need a more specific letter can I still request that through the Registrar’s Office? 
Yes, while the self-service feature is intended to take care of general enrollment verification requests, we understand that certain situations require a more detailed letter, which can be requested via the In-person/Fax/Mail option listed above.


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