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Money Matters 
Costs: Fees and payment schedules vary depending on the study abroad program.  Please click "costs" for a breakdown of expenses based on program type.

Application Fees and Deposits

1. Application fees--Click here to pay online

* Study tours: $25

* Exchange programs: $25
* International Student Teaching: $25
* Affiliate programs: $25 + application fee paid to affiliate provider
* National student exchange: $175 ($25 BSU application fee + $150 NSE fee) 

All application fees are nonrefundable

2. Deposits--Click here to pay online

A non-refundable $500 deposit is due upon acceptance  for students on study tours and BSU summer programs

** All application fee and deposit payments must made through our secure online store **

Funding International Study

There are three sources of funding for international study:
1. Student provides from work, parents/family, savings, etc: Your savings, earnings from work, and family are a significant source of funds for these international educational experiences. Tell people you are close to (parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, family friends, etc) that you are applying for an international study program and ask if they will contribute. You might be surprised at the answers you receive. By asking your friends and family you are giving them the opportunity to participate in your trip.
2. Financial Aid: Contact your Financial Aid Office (at BSU it is 508-531-2685) to see if you can get a loan for a study away program. This depends on individual circumstances, but may relieve financial stress from studying abroad. For more information, please visit the Financial Aid website.
Funds are reserved for Bridgewater State University students participating in a study tour program for academic credit. Applicants must be full-time, matriculated students. Graduating undergraduates and graduate students are not eligible.

Refund Policy

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