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BSU Printing Policy

BSU Student Printing Policy



The purpose for this policy is to clarify to BSU students the printing policy for the University that enables students to print from labs and classrooms on campus.

Policy Statement

BSU's printing policy enables students to print coursework while controlling problems with unnecessary and wasteful printing in public computer labs and classrooms. The system is intended to encourage the campus to print conservatively, to control spiraling printing costs, and to conserve our valuable natural resources.

Applies to

Bridgewater State University Students


BSU has selected WEPA (We Print Anywhere) as the student printing solution on campus.  WEPA kiosks are located in public computer labs and in strategic locations throughout campus.
Commuter students are allocated $25 in free printing each semester. Resident Students are provided unlimited WEPA printing as part of the ResNet program fee.
Once the student’s first $25 allocation is used they can go to and add money to their account using a Credit Card or Pay Pal account.


Printing Fees

Black & White Single Sided


Color Single Sided


Black & White Double Sided


Color Double Sided




What if I think someone is using my password to print?

Students are responsible to control the use of their username and password. If you think your password has been compromised, you should change it immediately. You can change your password on line using the password reset application  If you need assistance to change the password, contact the Service Center at 508.531.2555 or see the staff at the Support Counter; on the ground floor of the Maxwell Library next to Starbucks. You will need your Connect Card (Student ID) to change your password at the counter.

What if the pages I print are smudged or otherwise not usable? 

Contact WEPA.  Instructions can be found at  Other questions or concerns can be reported to the Service Center at 508.531.2555 or see the staff at the Support Counter; on the ground floor of the Maxwell Library next to Starbucks.

What if I make a mistake and the printer prints a several hundred-page document and I only wanted one page?

Be very certain of what you are printing before you click on print. You are responsible for the pages printed on your account. If you believe the extra prints were caused by a printer error, not user error please save the pages and bring them to the Support Counter on ground floor of the Maxwell Library. Be sure to remember the date and time the printing happened so we can verify this on your account. We will investigate the cause.
Title: BSU Student Printing Policy
Approved By: Ray, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Approval Date: 9/11/2018
Date of LastRevision: 9/18/2018
Policy Category: Information Technology Division
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