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BSU Printing Policy

BSU Printing Policy


The purpose for this policy is to clarify to BSU students how the Printer Accounting Server process works to enable students to print from labs and classrooms on campus.

Policy Statement

BSU's Printer Accounting Server (PAS) enables students to print coursework while controlling problems with unnecessary and wasteful printing in public computer labs and classrooms. The system is intended to encourage the campus to print conservatively, to control spiraling printing costs, and to conserve our valuable natural resources.

Applies to

Bridgewater State University Students


Each BSU student is allocated $25 in free printing each semester. When a student prints in a classroom or lab on campus, the cost of printing is deducted from this free allocation. Black-and-white printing costs 10 cents per page ($0.10) and color printing costs 25 cents per page ($0.25). If you are printing in a lab which supports double-sided printing, Black-and-white printing costs 15 cents per double-sided page ($0.15) and color printing costs 40 cents per double-sided page ($0.40). Students can check their print balance via the "Print Balance" icon on the Student Portal. If students exceed their free allocation, the cost of additional printing is added to their student bill at the same rates per page.
Once the student's first $25 allocation is used, a second $25 is automatically authorized on the student's account. Students are only charged for the amount of printing actually done. Accounts are closed at the end of every semester. Students start with a renewed $25 account at the beginning of each semester they are enrolled.
Students are notified by email as their account nears zero. Periodic emails are sent to keep students informed of their account status. Printing may continue until the account reaches -25.00 (negative twenty five dollars). At that time, printing is paused until a Print Authorization Form is filled out at the Information Technology Support Services in either Moakley or Maxwell Support Counters. This form authorizes the University to continue billing the student account. Authorizations are approved in twenty five dollar increments. Students are sent a bill for printing at the end of the semester for the amount beyond the free $25 allocation.


What if I think someone is using my password to print?
Students are responsible to control the use of their username and password. If you think your password has been compromised, you should change it immediately. If you need assistance to change the password, contact the Call Center at 508.531.2555 or see the staff at either of the Support Counters; Moakley room 130 or ground floor of the Maxwell Library next to Starbucks. You will need your Connect Card (Student ID) to change your password.
What if I forget to logout of the computer and someone else uses my account to print?
Students are responsible for their user account and print account. If you forget to logout you will be responsible for the unauthorized printing.
I went to the restroom while I was working and someone used my computer to print.
Students are responsible for their user account and print account. If you leave a computer logged on with your user name you are responsible for the unauthorized printing.
What if the pages I print are smudged or otherwise not usable?
Save the pages and bring them to the Support Counter in Moakley 130. You can then fill out an adjustment form to credit your account. Be sure to remember the date, time, and location of poor printing so we can send someone to correct the problem and prevent it from recurring.
What if I make a mistake and the printer prints a several hundred page document and I only wanted one page?
First, be very certain of what you are printing before you click on print. You are responsible for the pages printed on your account. Sometimes circumstances cause unwanted printing. Please save the pages and bring them to Support Counter in Moakley 130. You can then fill out an adjustment form to credit your account. Be sure to remember the date and time the printing happened so we can verify this on your account.
I set up the document to print, but the printer was jammed and nothing came out (or only blank pages came out), and my account was charged. What can I do?
If you are in a setting with an instructor or lab aide, please get their assistance. Otherwise, please go to the Support Counter in Moakley 130 as soon as possible and report the problem. You can then fill out a print adjustment form to credit your account. You will be asked to confirm the date and time the error occurred so this can be verified on your account.
Oops! I sent a print job to the printer by mistake. How can I stop it?
If it's a small print job, there's probably nothing you can do, because in most cases these print very quickly. If it's a large print job, double click on the printer icon on the task bar (lower right corner), highlight your print job, and delete. You might still be responsible for the pages that printed first, but this should cancel the rest of the print job. If you are printing in the Moakley Lab or the Library most print jobs go to a Release Station. If you do not release the document to the printer you will not be charged.
What if the network is down or having problems? Can I still print?
Unfortunately you will not be able to print if the network is down. Please contact the staff at the Moakley or Maxwell Computer Lab IT Help Desk counters​ or call 508 531 2555 to let them know.
What if I'm getting close to negative twenty-five dollars? How can I be sure I won't stop printing in the middle of a document?
Be sure to visit the Support Counter in Moakley 130 and fill out a print authorization form before you need it. You can do this at any time, even when your account is still five dollars away from negative twenty-five dollars. PAS Administrators must be available to approve and activate the requested increase. Sometimes this may take a day or two. If you wait until Friday through Sunday, the increase may not take effect until Monday or Tuesday. Remember, you will not be charged for any increase that was not used.
My class requires a lot of printing. Can I have an increase for this?
Class increases due to instructor assignments are granted at the request of the Professor. It is done for an entire class. The faculty are asked to send a note to at the beginning of the semester requesting the increase. Include the class list, student email addresses, and reason for the increase.
Why is my printing paused at negative twenty-five dollars?
Printing allocations are issued in twenty-five dollar amounts to prevent overcharging any student. Sometime printer mishaps can cause excessive billing to an account. By stopping the account at negative twenty-five dollars the student is protected from being overcharged.
I am printing in a lab which defaults to double-sided printing. How can I print single-sided pages?
If you need to print on only one side of the sheet, modify the appropriate Print settings in the application you are using. For example in Word you would click on "File" then "Print" and in the settings section you can choose to "Print one sided" or Print on both sides". Please contact the staff at the Moakley or Maxwell Computer Lab IT Help Desk counters if you have any questions.
Title: BSU Printing Policy for Labs and Classrooms
Approved By: Bill Davis, Chief Information Officer
Approval Date:
Date of Last Revision:
Policy Category: Information Technology Division