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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​TTC Lightboard

What is the Lightboard?

The Lightboard is similar to a white board but it is made of high quality glass with lights inside.  The Lightboard is a great tool for recording lecture videos.  An advantage of the Lightboard is that you are facing your viewers while your writing is clearly displayed in front of you.  This can be a valuable resource for online or flipped classroom settings.  The TTC Lightboard was built in-house at BSU primarily by Matt DeGrechie, with additional efforts by Arthur Slotnick, Tim Wenson, and Amanda Zuromski.


 TTC Lightboard

 ​The promotional video above was created by the TTC’s very talented student videographer, Curtis St. Jean.  

What's Possible?

  • Flipped Classroom:  Students can watch a video lecture before class while using class time for discussions, engaging students, and applications of learning.

  • Task Focused:  Create video tutorials for challenging or complex problems or explanations of more complex topics that students can refer back to as needed.


 Laser Cooling and Trapping with Dr. Ed Deveney


 Plate Boundaries with Suzanne O'Brien


Presentation Tips:

  • Plan your talk so you know where you are going to be drawing on the lightboard. Avoid the need to erase content.
  • Shorter videos are much more engaging. Engagement drops sharply after 6 minutes. Consider breaking longer concepts into “chapters”.
  • Dark clothing or muted colors work best so your writing is readable in front of your clothing. Avoid text and logos on clothing as they will appear reversed in the final recording.
  • You’re the star. Keep body language and non-verbal cues in mind and use them to your advantage.
  • Eye contact. Leave yourself a "window space" for your eyes on the lightboard. Or at least try not to draw horizontal lines through your eyes or mouth. You are speaking directly to your audience in the camera.
  • Less is more. Resist the temptation to fill the board with a lot of text. 


The BSU faculty member owns the content of the video created and is welcome to host the video on YouTube, Office 365 Stream, or we can post it on our TTC YouTube or Stream channels.  

Contact Us to Get Started:
If you are interested in developing a Lightboard lecture for your teaching, contact with a description of your Lightboard concept, along with your availability for a meeting to discuss your Lightboard project proposal. 

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