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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​One Button Studio LogoThe One Button Studio (OBS) in Maxwell Library 113 is a simple method for recording video presentations without requiring any tech experience, video production experience, or training and support.  Bring a USB flash drive with you, push the "one" start button to activate the video camera and lights, and you are off and running!

The room is equipped with a front-end computer and projection system, allowing you to share a Prezi or PowerPoint presentation on the screen behind you as you present to the camera. Hit the "stop" button when you have finished recording your presentation, remove your USB flash drive, and you now have a video recording saved that you can view and edit as you please.

Click here to see a 360 degree view of the OBS​!

Potential Uses of the OBS:

For Students​​ For Faculty
  • Practice for class presentations and self-critique your delivery on video
  • Practice your theater production roles and interpret your character’s personality differently​
  • Create performance pieces, dramatic readings, or other videos for acting portfolios
  • Practice speeches and presentations to be delivered at conferences, club meetings, etc.
  • Create video presentations for class assignments
  • Create a video introduction of yourself for your digital portfolio
  • Practice for class lectures and conference presentations and review your delivery on video​
  • Deliver a personal introduction for online courses
  • Present research papers via video
  • "Flip the classroom" and create video lectures that your students can review on their own time
  • Create activity lessons for students in which they deliver video presentations
  • Review draft versions of your students’ verbal presentations 
  • For stage directors, review actors’ portfolios

To use the One Button Studio, make a reservation through the Maxwell Library's One Button Studio reservation page.  Be advised: Bridgewater State University is not responsible for the content recorded and/or created using the equipment in the One Button Studio.  

Video Editing Tips and Resources

If you intend to edit your One Button Studio video, consider the following resources for getting started:

Sharing your Video with Others

Your finished video product may be rather large in file size, which could make it prohibitive to share the file via email and Blackboard. Consider posting your video on a free video-sharing service, and then sharing the link to the video with others.
Depending on which video-sharing site you use, you have varying levels of control over who can view the video. For example, in YouTube you can set your video privacy option as "Unlisted" so that only people who have the direct link to your video can view it; it's unsearchable.
Following are instructions for uploading videos to some popular video-sharing services:
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