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Interactive class participation​

Engage your class in real time

Poll Everywhere is a system that educators can use to embed polls into presentations. Students can respond using personal devices that can connect to the internet or use SMS texting to respond. Polls can be used for engagement, encourage shy students to ask questions, gauge class understanding of material, for quizzes, and more. 

Polls can be multiple choice, open-ended, Q&A, rank order, or clickable images. 

If you use Blackboard, you can import your Blackboard class roster into Poll Everywhere, track and grade student responses, and easily sync their grades back into your Blackboard Grade Center.
​Quick Navigation

​Getting Started

If you would like more information the Poll Everywhere website offers guides for students, presenters, and instructors. You can also schedule a one-on-one tutorial with the TTC. Below we will outline the basics from the presenter guide.

Step One - Register
To set up your Poll Everywhere Presenter account, contact the Teaching & Technology Center at​. Our staff will have an automated registration email sent to you so that you can create your PE Presenter account.

Step Two - Import Students
Will you be tracking student responses for attendance or grading purposes? If so you will need to import your student rosters from Blackboard into Poll Everywhere. If not, skip this step. 

1.) Login to Blackboard and navigate to the course you would like import from. Make sure your course is available​.

2.) Navigate to Blackboard Tools in the left-hand menu. Click Poll Everywhere under Blackboard Tools. You will be redirected to the Poll Everywhere login screen, login with your credentials from step one. 

3.) Select the BSU course (or courses) you wish to connect to your Poll Everywhere account. This process will import all enrolled student email addresses into Poll Everywhere. If your roster changes you will need to redo this step.
4.) After the confirmation message (Click "Got it!") you will be brought to the Participants screen in Poll Everywhere.  Your students have been placed into a group(s) specifically for your course(s).

5.) Your students will receive an email confirmation and should click the link in the email and create a password for their Poll Everywhere account. They can use the same password that they use for Blackboard if they wish. 

Students must login to their Poll Everywhere accounts with address. If they attempt to login with their access will be denied.

Step Three - Create and Activate a poll

After logging in to Poll Everywhere click Create and click on the type of poll you want to create. Add a question and answers if applicable and activate your poll!


          Remember to activate your poll by clicking the activate button as shown above. 
This publishes the poll on your response page (i.e.

Embedding Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint (Mac or PC)

To embed Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint please navigate to either the Mac or PC​ page to download the plug-in. If you run into issues installing this software you can contact the TTC​
 for help. 

After installing the plug-in open up PowerPoint. A Poll Everywhere popup may appear and ask you to sign in (if not it will prompt you later). After signing in look for the Poll Everywhere icon in the ribbon. From here you can make new polls or insert polls from your Poll Everywhere account.

If you use separate computers for creating and presenting the slides, the plug-in needs to be installed on both.

For more information, you can check out these youtube videos for windows and Mac​.
Converting PowerPoint Slides to Poll Everywhere Activities

Step 1
: Create a new slide or open a slide with the Title and Content format. 

Step 2: Fill out the fields. The title section will become the activity title. For multiple choice create a bulleted list in the content section. If the content section is blank, the slide will be converted into an open-ended activity.
                           Convert to poll Step 3
Step 3: Make sure the slide you want to convert is highlighted in the slide preview list on the left.

Step 4: Click Poll Everywhere in the ribbon and click "Convert to poll". You can only convert one slide at a time.
Step 5: In the "Convert to poll" window you can make changes and mark a correct answer. When finished click "Insert".
                           Convert to poll Step 5
This process will hide the PowerPoint slide and make a new Poll Everywhere activity slide that is visible in presentations. For more details, you can check out this link​.

Poll Everywhere Mobile App

Students may find it easier to use the Poll Everywhere app. They can access the app in the Google Play or Apple App Store. After logging in using (not they will be directed to the Join a Presentation screen. From there they can enter the details of your presentation and click "Join".

Exporting Responses to Blackboard Grade Center

When creating a poll, presenters can choose which answer is correct. When the poll is finished the student responses are then recorded and can be exported to Blackboard. In order to export grades from Poll Everywhere the first step is to create a gradebook report.

Click Reports from the navigation menu on the top of the screen. Then select Gradebook from the report types. Select the poll you would like to export and click finish. 

Once the report is created click the export button on the bottom right corner. Select the course you would like to export to and click "next". Your poll everywhere results will then be exported into a new grade column in the grade center. 


    Creating competitions in Poll Everywhere is a great way to review key course information while also keeping your audience engaged. By using the Competition feature in Poll Everywhere, you can create a fun game where students and/or audience members can play against each other and earn points. At the end of the competition a winner is crowned.​

    For directions on how to create a competition, click here.

    For additional reading on uses for competitions, click here​.

·       Best Practices​ for Using Poll Everywhere in your Teaching

Q&As with up-voting and down-voting

Engage your students with a question and answer style poll. You can post a question to students and they can type in their own response instead of selecting predetermined answers. 

Once their responses are submitted, students will see the various responses. Students can continue to interact by “up-voting” or “down-voting” answers that have been posted by their peers. 

You can have students engage in a brainstorming session and come to a consensus on the best ideas to move forward with.

Enter or Exit Tickets 

Paper-based Enter/Exit tickets have been a tried and true method of getting a sense of where students are at in their learning.  

Instead of using paper, use Poll Everywhere to quickly get a sense of how well students understand that day’s topic.  

Have students answer question(s) right when class starts as they enter, or before they are about to exit class for the day.  

The results are instantly compiled for your review.

When using Poll Everywhere

1) Limit classroom polls to 5 questions or less. This will provide students with a quick review of the material but also will allow for more time to review any topics that students found difficult.

2) Provide instructions upfront. If you are using Poll Everywhere for the first time in class, make sure to explain what it is and how students can participate.  Engage students with a quick, fun no-stakes ice-breaker question to make sure they can connect and know how to use the technology.

3) Move through your poll questions at a moderate rate.  Poll Everywhere recommends 90 seconds per question for your first classroom poll; you can eventually speed up that time once students feel comfortable with the technology.

4) Spread out the polls. Unless you’re doing a review at the beginning or end of class, spreading the Poll Everywhere questions throughout a lecture can help maintain student engagement.

5) Try to avoid “Poll Fatigue.” Sometimes too many polls can lead to students not participating appropriately. Consider offering extra credit or some form of incentive to keep motivation and participation high. 

Review Poll Everywhere's guide on Best Practices​.

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