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Honors Program

Honors Programs

Interested in joining the Honors Program?

As a transfer student, we encourage you to get involved in the campus-wide Honors Program. Details of the Program can be found on the Honors Web site​. There are two ways to get involved. Transfer students who have taken Honors credits at other institutions and who have a GPA of 3.3 can continue their Honors work at Bridgewater State University and graduate with Commonwealth Honors. Transfer students who do not have previous Honors credits can join our Departmental Honors Program, which is one component of the Commonwealth Honors Program. The entry requirements for Departmental Honors varies by Department.

For both Programs, the highlight of the Honors experience is the completion of an Honors thesis. This intensive research experience is transformative; it allows you to work very closely with a faculty mentor on a subject that you are passionate about. Many students who have completed a thesis have applied for and received semester grants, summer grants, and travel grants through Bridgewater State University. Many have presented their research at national conferences and some write up their work for publication. This experience presents a gateway for entry into graduate schools and a variety of exciting employment opportunities.

If you would like to discuss your involvement in the Program, please contact the Honors Center at 508-531-1378 or email: