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Reverse Transfer

Why Reverse Transfer?
A new option for completing your associate's degree while earning your bachelor's degree.
If you have completed at least 30 college-level credits at a Massachusetts community college before transferring to Bridgewater
State University, you may be eligible to receive an associate’s degree using credits you earn while pursuing your bachelor’s degree.  
The program is called Reverse Transfer.  To enroll in Reverse Transfer, all you have to do is fill out a participation form​that will authorize the sharing of your academic transcript between Bridgewater State University 
and your community college.  
If you would like to know more about Reverse Transfer, contact the Transfer Center at 508-531-2686.
The Value for Students
  • Students​ who compete their associate's degrees are more likely to stay enrolled and finish their bachelor's degrees.
  • Any certifications, pay raises, and promotions are based on the attainment of a degree, so it is to your benefit to be awarded your associate's degree when you've earned it.
  • If your pursuit of a bachelor's degree is interrupted, you will already have a college degree - the associate's degree - to count to your credit.
  • Since you received your associate's degree while paying for your bachelor's degree, you effectively complete two degrees at the same time. 
  • Students will not incur any costs associate with this Reverse Transfer program, i.e. transcript and graduation fees.
 How the Process Works
  • Submit a participation form giving your current university permission to send transcript information back to your community college;
  • Upon receiving your form, the community college will send you a degree audit identifying your outstanding requirements;
  • Continue taking classes toward your bachelor' degree, while considering whether some might also help you complete your associate's degree;
  • When you have met all degree requirements at the community college, the college will send you an application for graduation; 
  • Return the application and you will receive your diploma and an invitation to the next graduation ceremony.

A few things to remember...

  • Students must be matriculated at the university and must have earned credits at the university.
  • The receipt of the associate's degree is contingent upon completing all of the degree requirements of the awarding community college, including the residency requirement and the minimum transfer grade requirement.
  • Students must be in "good academic standing" and in "good financial standing" at both institutions.
  • Students will Reverse Transfer into a default associate's degree in Liberal Arts or General Studies, unless  another option is agreed upon by the community college and the student.
  • Students who return to a community college to take courses after transferring to a university, must follow the "transfer of credit after admission" policy for that institution, in order to count the community college credit earned toward their bachelor's degree.
  • MassTransfer benefits can't be adjusted after original matriculation at the university.