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Banner 9


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Banner 9 Info

Banner 9 Production is LIVE for all Banner Modules!
​Check out the training materials in the left menu and the introductory video below!  Arrow Picture.JPG 
Budget Office Banner Training page:​

Please email with any Banner 9 questions or feedback!

WHO & WHEN are we​ upgrading​?

Banner 8 Retire​d 8/28!

WHY did
 we upgrade?

Banner 9, the newest release of the Banner Enterprise Resource P system, is the ERP of choice for BSU. The benefits of Banner 9, which resonate with BSU's Core Values of Sustainability and Access, include the following: 

    • Provides web-based mobility across devices & locations 

    • Features modern functionality built into the application, minimizing the need for customizations

    • Replaces the traditional software cycle with an evergreen release strategy, eliminating version-driven upgrades that cause operational disruptions 

WHAT is next?

Self-service Banner (SSB) or InfoBear/Web For Faculty pages rely on technology within Oracle called Mod PL/SQL. Support of this technology will be discontinued on June 30, 2021. Research and planning for the conversion of BSU's self-service environment is already underway!

HOW will Banner 9 be different?




Banner 9 brings with it a new user interface and improved navigation and accessibility. The Banner 9 administrative applications—including Banner Human Resources, Banner Finance, Banner Student, Banner Accounts Receivable, and Banner Financial Aid—all now have a consumer-web feel. Users will benefit from an intuitive, modern experience, whether they’re accessing applications via mobile, portal, or self-service interfaces. 

Each application includes usability improvements, easing the learning curve and reducing the need for training. Power users, too, will gain enhanced usability and navigation without losing their familiar business rules and shortcuts. It will also give you greater flexibility as you’ll be able to run Banner on any browser or tablet. So while the administrative applications have a new look and feel, the functionality still works in the same familiar way.
You will not need to learn a new application; you will just learn new navigation.