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 Business Report Management


A variety of reports built to help administrative staff with their every day jobs are available through InfoBear (Web for Faculty), Evisions Argos, and Banner Forms. These tools are used to create reports for users across campus to assist in a wide variety of tasks.​

For example, reports can be used for mailings, lists of eligible students for an award, or for contacting a group of students by email.
Users should contact Administrative Systems at with their report requirement.  If a report meeting the specification already exists, Administrative Systems will grant access to the existing report and create user accounts to the reporting tool as needed.  If the report is new to us, we will create a custom report for your needs and show you how to run it on an on-going basis.
AudienceFor: Faculty; Staff technologyTechnology: Argos; InfoBear

Service Details

How to Request this Service:

​To request a custom report, please send your request to  Your request will be assigned to one of Administrative Systems' analysts.

Service Expectations:

​Usual turnaround for a custom report is about a week.


Do you have any tips for requesting a custom report?

When requesting a custom report, please be as specific as possible and be sure to include field names (ex. Banner ID, first name, last name, student class, etc.) and criteria of the report (ex. who graduated last spring).  This will speed up the time it takes for your report to be produced and will ensure that you get what you're looking for.



Responsible Use of Information Technology Policy

For assistance with this service, please email Support Services or call 508.531.2555.