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Information Technology Division


News - Move In Weekend 2015


​​Information Technology News

Move-In Weekend 2015 Welcome Team

On August 29th 3,500 BSU students moved back into the residence halls and IT staff were ready!  IT staff were on hand to assist with WEPA set up, telephone, internet (wired and wireless configurations), gaming, BSU mobile app, cable TV set up, Reslife Cinema questions or any other technical questions. Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, the weekend was well organized and went very smoothly.

Move-in weekend is one of the most exciting and potentially overwhelming times of year for our students, staff, and families. Issues around technology and access can weigh heavy on student's minds. Thanks to our move-in Welcome Team for alleviating some of that stress and a special thank you to Mary O'Neill, ResNet Coordinator, for organizing many of the resources for this weekend!  View list of all volunteers.

ResNet Welcome Team
(L-R) Jandir Medina, Joe Nevells, Bryan Macedo, Travis Rebello, Tina Gill, Jon Lukin, Olivia Griswold, Mary O'Neill, Lauren MacKerron, Dustin Walsh, Stephen St. Pierre and Mekhi Pearson

IT Welcome Team 
Welcome Team members survived the weekend. (L-R) Travis Rebello, Stephen St Pierre, Pat Manning, Lenny Loyd, Olivia Griswold, Lauren Mackerron

Welcome Team 2015
Welcome Team members (L-R) Tina Gill, Mekhi Pearson, Steven Thompson, Travis Rebello, Joe Nevells, Pat Manning, Stephen St Pierre, Dustin Walsh, Lauren MacKerron, Olivia Griswold


IT Volunteers for Move-in Weekend

A big thank you to all the volunteers below who helped make Move in Weekend a success!


Student Workers:

Travis Rebello

Mekhi Pearson

Avis Patten

Stephen St. Pierre

Lauren MacKerron

Joe Nevells

Alisa Andrade

Pat Manning

Dave DeLutis

Dustin Walsh

Sandro Eyma


Lisa Grosshart

Steven Thompson

Ritesh Chandra

Olivia Griswold

Dave Marion

Steven Thompson

Matt DeGrechie

Bryan Macedo

Arthur Slotnick


Kerri Filippini

Christina Gill

Jandir Medina

Kellie Cochrane

Darryl DeAngelis

Lenny Loyd

Kelsey Leuenberger

Steve Thomas

James Curtis St. Jean

Harris Bloomwald


Rob Natale


Trish Jones


Jeremy Delorey




Janine Boutin


Mario Elias


Cuong Vu


Jen LaVoie


Dave Gavigan


Mary O'Neill


Steve Zuromski


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