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Strategic Planning

Information Technology Mission

To enable and advance the success of students, faculty, staff and all related constituent groups through –

  • Continuous Improvement 
  • Diverse Relationships 
  • Effective Leadership 
  • Innovative Outcomes 
  • Operational Excellence
  • Strategic Partnerships

Information Technology Vision

Innovative technology services, solutions, and outcomes ... inspired in partnership with you.

Information Technology Values

Adaptive - We strive to evolve and continuously improve everything that we do in response to our ever changing environment with an eye towards personal and professional growth. 

Collaborative - We seek and nurture partnerships to promote goodwill, deliver positive outcomes, and foster diversity, teamwork, and success. 

Innovative - We choose to experiment and explore new ideas, technologies, and ways of getting things done, to help people achieve success. 

Positive - We embody a “can-do” attitude and always focus on how to get things done even in the face of adversity because we know that through teamwork anything is possible. 

Responsive - We endeavor to meet the needs of our constituents in an effective and timely manner knowing that we would expect the same from others. 

Supportive - We are there for each other and everyone who depends on us any time, day or night, because we are passionate about what we do and take pride in Bridgewater State University.

IT Strategic Planning Documents:




Advisory Committees

The following cross-divisional groups help inform decision making and set priorities in regard to technology at the university.

Banner Executive Steering Committee

This committee sets the institutional direction for Banner. The ​Executive Steering Committee prioritizes and aligns Banner with the institutional strategic plan, maximizes BSU's investment in Banner and allocates institutional resources needed to enhance the Banner platform. ​

Raymond Lefebvre, Chief Information Officer, Vice President of IT
Doug Shropshire, Vice President of Administration and Finance
Joe Oravecz, Vice President of Student Affairs 
Keri Powers, Associate Vice President of Human Resources
Karim Ismaili​, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Banner Technical Committee Technology Committee (BTC)

This committee will provide guidance to Information Technology in support of all business technology issues and make appropriate policy and technology recommendations to the CIO. The committee will consist of appointed faculty, staff and students and serve for a term of two years.

Steve Zuromski (Chair), IT
Kelley Baran, IT
Amy Beaulieu, Comptroller
Margaret (Peg) Buonanduci, Graduate Studies
Linda Burtt, Fiscal Affairs
Maureen Chaves, Graduate Studies
Paul Cincotta, Graduate Studies
David Crane, Continuing Studies
Susan Crosby-Tangen, Athletics
Jonathan Dinuzzo, Director of Admissions
Alicia Doyley, Academic Achievement Ctr
Kathy Flaherty, IT
Beth Goodhue, Development
Kimberly Griffin, Student Accounts
Janet Gumbris, Financial Aid
Greg Mantolesky, Student Affairs & E.M.
David Marion, IT Computer Security
Kate McLaren, Institutional Research
April Megginson, Faculty Representative
Rebecca Mushet, Institutional Research
Stacey Osborn, IT
Nadine Rodriguez , Procurement Services
Stephanie Ryan, Budget
Michelle Santos, Registrars Office
Linda Sennott, Financial Aid
Jane Thomas, Human Resources
Pamela Trezzi, Financial AId
Tiffany Valente, Human Resources
Danielle Warren, Graduate Studies
Joseph Wolk, Registrar

Banner Governance


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