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Moakley 305

BSU Moakley Technology Center 305

Want to use the teaching station computer?

 ATC MLC226.png
Press ON button on the control panel. Allow time for projector to warm up.
The computer is located on top of the teaching station. Manually turn the computer on/off with the power button on the back of the monitor. Log in using your BSU credentials. Press MAC button on the control panel to project the computer image. If no image appears on the screen verify MAC set to mirror.
PIC MUTE: Press this button to change display to black screen. The button will flash for a short time when selected. Press the button again to restore the image.
AUTO IMAGE: Press this button to correct or align the image on the screen for VGA signal only.
Want to connect your laptop to the projection system?
Cables are located on top of the teaching station. Internet, computer, and audio cables are available. Press laptop or hdmi button on the control panel, depending on cable used. If no image appears on the screen, press and hold the windows-7-logo-2009 (windows) key while pressing the P key. Select Duplicate when prompted, the computer image will appear. If using MAC verify set to mirror.
Want to play a DVD to the class?
Place DVD in computer DVD drive and software should automatically open. If software or disc does not open, double click DVD Player on computer desktop. Press MAC, laptop, or hdmi button on the control panel, depending on device used.
Using audio?

Audio may be adjusted by turning the black knob on the control panel. The green lights indicate volume up and down. The top (red) light indicates maximum volume.

Need help? 

For technical assistance please use Tech Help button on the classroom phone. For additional information please contact Help Desk at ext. 2555. For training, please email IT Help Desk at to schedule a date/time and location. For whiteboard markers and/or erasers please contact Customer Service at ext. 1296.
Please turn off all equipment before leaving.

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