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Bridgewater State University institutes a robust firewall protected security network in order to ensure that student data, staff information, and faculty properties are properly protected and secured from the outside world. In addition, our firewall infrastructure prevents on-campus users from contacting known-malicious websites and services. It also acts as a service to log data and give insight into how network traffic flows.


AudienceFor: Faculty; Staff technologyTechnology: Firewall

Service Details

How to Request this Service:

If you are the manager of a server or are otherwise in need of requesting a change to the firewall’s settings, you may submit a Firewall Change Form below.

Service Expectations:

Available 24/7 except for possible IT Maintenance Windows.


How do I request a firewall change?

Please see the below firewall change form.

How do I know if my firewall is turned on?
What is being referred to here is the Windows Firewall that is located on an individual users’ laptops. The firewall in question here is a physical device located within BSU’s network infrastructure and is a separate entity.

Can students request firewall changes?
By default, no – Though if there is a good reason, particularly a website that is blocked by accident, or a specific game is being blocked in residence halls, this can be looked into by visiting a IT Support Services and logging a ticket.​



Responsible Use of Information Technology Policy

For assistance with this service, please email Support Services or call 508.531.2555.