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PAC Code and Telephone Usage Policy for University Offices and Employees

PAC Code and Telephone Usage Policy

For University Offices and Employees


All long distance calls made from Bridgewater State University telephones require the use of a Personal Authorization Code (PAC). The use of PAC codes by University offices and employees are for business purposes only. Bridgewater State University provides University personnel who need access to long distance services, as part of their work, PAC codes to use when placing long distance calls. Admin and faculty PAC codes are assigned through the Telecommunications Office at the direction of area Vice Presidents, Deans and Directors.

The purpose of this policy is to outline the responsible use of PAC Codes and telephones. This policy is also necessary for the University to comply with Commonwealth and Federal regulations and to demonstrate responsible fiscal management of our services.


This policy applies to all faculty, staff and student employees who use admin PAC codes for long distance telephone calls. The intent of this policy is to outline appropriate use of business telephones and PAC codes.


The following procedures have been put in place to ensure that the University is exercising appropriate record keeping and accounting of long distance telephone usage.

  • University personnel who need to access long distance services as part of their work will be issued PAC codes to use when placing long distance calls.
  • Users must keep their assigned PAC codes private you will be accountable for all calls made using your PAC code.
  • The University telephone system is used for business purposes only.
  • To place long-distance calls that are not work-related, you must use your personal calling card or cellular phone.
  • University personnel are responsible for reviewing their PAC code usage reports for accuracy and for reporting any problems immediately to the Telecommunications Department at x1236.


Those who violate this policy will be subject to the revoking of PAC code privileges and the following disciplinary processes and procedures.

  • Administrative PAC codes that are suspected of being compromised will be shut off immediately. 
  • Faculty and Staff PAC codes that have been shut off will be replaced upon request from the appropriate Director, Dean, Chair or Vice President.
  • Student employee PAC codes that have been shut off will not be replaced if upon investigation the student has been found to violate the PAC code policy.
  • All documentation regarding the alleged misuse of PAC codes by student employees will be sent to the Associate Dean of Students and to the Campus Police for review and possible disciplinary or legal action.