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Pac Procedure


PAC Code Administrative Procedures For Employees


All long distance calls made from Bridgewater State University telephones require the use of a Personal Authorization Code (PAC). The use of PAC codes by offices and employees are for business purposes only. Bridgewater State University provides personnel who need access to long distance services, as part of their work, PAC codes to use when placing long distance calls. Before requesting a PAC Code, please read the PAC Code and Telephone Usage Policy

Monitoring and Control

PAC codes are monitored by Telecommunications. Current monitoring is as follows:

  1. Administrative PACs are monitored for use from residence hall rooms. If detected, the admin PAC is immediately shut-off, email notifications are sent to the admin PAC owner and Telecommunications staff. Telecommunications staff then forwards to University Police the call records associated with the incident.
  2. Administrative PACs with waivers are monitored for use from the residence hall rooms. If detected, the Admin PAC code owner will be notified that the code was used from the residence hall. If the owner deems the use appropriate then no action will be taken. However, if the use is inappropriate then the PAC will be shut-off and call records will be sent to University Police. 
  3. Student employees that need to make long distance calls, from their residence hall, as part of their employment should use departmental issued calling cards. Supervisors should monitor the use of calling cards according to the same standards that are used with Pac Codes. 


Faculty and Staff PAC codes that have been shut off will be replaced upon request from the appropriate Director, Dean, Chair or Vice President.

Student employee PAC codes that have been shut off will not be replaced if upon investigation the student has been found to violate the PAC code policy.

The office of Telecommunications will not give out any information regarding details of an alleged PAC misuse; this must be requested directly from University Police. 

If you suspect a PAC code is being misused (i.e. personal calls), a written request for a report on an Administrative PAC code must be made in writing to The requestor must be the one who authorized (or predecessor) the original PAC request (i.e. Director, Dean, Chair, or Vice President).

For more information on appropriate use of PAC Codes and violations, please refer to the PAC Code and Telephone Usage Policy.

Requesting Your Own Pac Code 

To request a PAC Code the following steps need to be completed: ​​