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​Wireless Network

Wireless Computing

Since 2001 Bridgewater has provided wireless network connectivity across the entire campus. Staff, faculty, students, and even authorized visitors with a wireless enabled laptop computer are able to connect to the network from anywhere on campus - including all classrooms, labs, offices, lounges and even outdoors. This enables users to access the web, read e-mail and connect to university computers all without the use of wires.

This new technology was part of an Information Technology Demonstration Project financed in part by a grant from the Board of Higher Education ​and the Commonwealth Information Technology Division. The wireless technology was funded to support newly redesigned classes that encourage student-focused, technology-mediated learning. The added benefit of the grant is that it allows students, faculty and staff to use wireless enabled computers throughout the campus. Bridgewater was one of the first and largest colleges in New England to provide wireless access across 100 percent of its campus.

Wireless access points placed throughout the campus enables users to walk from one side of the campus to the other while being connected to the network the entire time. This breaks the traditional limitations of network access via a physical cable and now allows users to perform computing tasks from anywhere on campus. The increased mobility and flexibility of wireless technology allows for more efficient and productive work. University students, already consumers of cell phones will likely welcome the flexibility, mobility and increased connection speeds that come with wireless technology.






All general correspondence regarding the wireless network and support should be directed to:

Contact Information

Information Technology Division
IT Support Services

Moakley Technology Center, Room 130
100 Burrill Ave.
Bridgewater, MA 02325
Tel: 508.531.2555 
(ext. 2555 from on campus)