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Clear Cache

​​​Clear Your Browser Cache

When you visit websites, your browser stores elements of the pages you are viewing to decrease the load time of the page the next time you view it. While this is helpful in loading pages faster it can sometimes cause issues with displaying the most current versions of webpages and documents. When applications and resource documents are updated, your browser may still use old files which can cause display, access problems or not show the most recent version of a document. It is a good practice to clear your cache regularly.
This will ensure you are always viewing the most recent version of pages and documents.  
If you need assistance in how to clear your cache, please refer to the instructions below.


1.    Select More tools from the Menu.

2.    Select Clear browsing data.

3.    Select the beginning of time for the time range.

4.    Ensure the Cookies and Cache options are selected 

5.    Select Clear browsing data.​

Internet Explorer

1.    Select Tools or Safety from the Menu Bar located on the top left side of your browser.

2.    Select Delete browsing history.

3.    Uncheck Preserve Favorites website data and ensure both Temporary Internet Files and Cookies are checked.

4.    Select Delete. You will get a confirmation at the bottom of the window once it has successfully cleared your cache and cookies.



1.    Select History from the Menu Bar.

2.    Select Clear Recent History

3.    Select Everything from the Time Range to clear.

4.    Ensure the Cookies and Cache options are selected.

5.    Select Clear Now.