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Meet Our ResNet Alumni

​​Our Res​Net Team Alumni
Proud & Successful
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Ryan Cabral
Ryan Cabral.png

Major:     Chemistry with a concentration in
                Professional Chemistry

Class:                Alumni - Class of 2017
ResNet Position: Technician 

ResNet has been one of the best employment opportunities I've ever had. I had worked at ResNet from January-May of my final semester at BSU. I was originally hired to just monitor the printers and keep up with inventory but my willingness to work and learn allowed me to take on more responsibilities. I was assigned tickets to provide technical support to students, turn on ports, and troubleshoot the access points. 

Now I am an Application's Chemist for Interpolymer Corporation. My responsibilities include chemical technical support for our customers, scaling up formulated products from lab scale to production scale, sending out samples, and more. ResNet has helped develop me into a problem solver. I've become one of the go-to people to find (or create) a resolution for an ongoing problem. From computer software, customer support, large scale manufacturing, and everything in between. I've been able to provide assistance largely impart from what I've learned from ResNet. I would highly recommend ResNet to any student who is seeking an amazing employment opportunity.

Liz Collar:

Major:     Mathematics & Secondary Education

Class:                Transferred to SNHU for Video Game Development
ResNet Position: ResNet Support Representative 

Hometown:    Norton, MA

I joined ResNet my Freshmen year and never regretted it since. Although I am far from tech-savvy (though I'm learning) I joined IT in hopes to learn more about the world I grew up in. #GenerationZ.​

Nick Freberg:
bitmoji-20190918115340.png Major:     Computer Science

Class:                Alumni - Class of 2020
ResNet Position: ResNet Support Representative         

Hometown:    Abington, MA

I joined the ResNet team my Junior year in hopes of getting my feet wet in the IT field. All I can say is I wish I joined sooner because this team is the best! As my major suggests I'm very hands on when it comes to tech and I want to know just how it all works. I like to consider my self a professional nerd.​

Spencer Geary:
thumbnail_IMG_9346-3 (1).jpg Major:     Communications Studies: Film, Video & Media

Class:                Alumni - Class of 2020
ResNet Position: ResNet Support Representative ​

Hometown:    Marlborough, MA

I joined the ResNet team this year because I love to help people. I would consider my self quite tech savvy and I love designing some of the fun flyers you will see around campus. (P.S. I did this Webpage)​​

Lauren Hesemeyer
Lauren H.png

Major:     Secondary Education & Mathematics 

Class:               Alumni - Class of 2018
ResNet Position: Clerk

My name is Lauren Hesemeyer and I graduated from Bridgewater State University in May of 2018.  I was a ResNet Office Clerk all four years of my college career and loved every second of it.  I worked very closely with Mary in planning any promo nights that we had, scheduling appointments, troubleshooting either WiFi or cable TV problems over the phone and just in general, working a lot with our residential students.

I am now in my second year of teaching high school mathematics at my old high school.  As a teacher, I work with over 100 students every day along with many faculty members.  The skills I learned at ResNet helped me immensely to succeed in my current job.  Working promo nights to speaking at various meetings, for example RHA meetings helped me be more comfortable speaking in front of others.  Also, troubleshooting problems either from the office or online helped me be better equipped to handle any problems that might come my way as a teacher and what skills to address them.  As a ResNet Office Clerk, we had many behind the scenes tasks of keeping all of our account information and ticketing information organized, which has helped me handle being organized with the many tasks I have a teacher.  On top of my job, I am about to graduate with my Master’s in Math Education from Framingham State University.  ResNet has helped me with my time management skills as I am currently juggling many tasks from my job and my grad school assignments.  

Overall, I loved my job at ResNet and am so grateful for the skills I learned and the opportunities it provided me to succeed at anything in life.

Lauren Leavitt
Lauren Leavitt.jpeg

Major:     Communications with a focus in Media

Class:                Alumni - Class of 2014
ResNet Position: Clerk

I was lucky enough to get to be a part of the ResNet team while attending Bridgewater State University. 

While working at ResNet I helped promote and market ResNet services to other students, provided technical support when needed and properly escalated technology issues to the next level to get an expedited resolution to the students living on campus. I am grateful for having the opportunity to work for ResNet because I learned a lot about not only technology, but about customer service, working as a team, and most importantly because of my career goals, promoting and marketing a service. 

I currently work as a Brand Development Manager for a contracting company, promoting and marketing the services they provide through digital marketing, direct mail, social media, etc. I not only gained valuable experience while working at ResNet but worked with a great team and really enjoyed my team working for ResNet!

Pat Manning
Pat Manning.jpg

Major:     Aviation Management

Class:                Alumni - Class of 2017
ResNet Position: Technician 

Hi I'm Pat, I was a ResNet technician for about 3 years. Post ResNet, I was a flight instructor and now I am an airline pilot, flying jets out of New York City. I helped train the new technicians during my time at ResNet, and that helped me hone in my basic instructing skills which translated well into flight instructing.

Wendy Quintanilla-Iraheta:​
​​Major:     Sociology

Class:                Alumni - Class of 2020
ResNet Position: ResNet Support Representative

Hometown:    Chelsea, MA

I joined ResNet my Sophomore year. I love working with the ResNet because I can interact with the student and give them the resources they need. I also love seeing student faces when I tell them the resources ResNet provides them.​

Travis Rebello

Major:     Mathematics

Class:                Alumni - Class of 2015
ResNet Position: Technician 

My name is Travis Rebello and I am one of the Networking Administrators on the Telecom team at BSU. My tale began with Bridgewater State University's I.T. division back in the Fall of 2011, when I was just getting comfortable in Woodward Hall as a freshman. I did a little asking around at the help desks to see of they were hiring but I was turned away - it was mid-semester and certainly not the time to apply.

I tried again in the Spring of 2012, was interviewed, and made it on the help desk team. When it was my turn to answer my first call, I was terrified. I was brand new to the job, how was I going to help someone on the phone?! Eventually, Amanda Zuromski pushed me to take that phone call. Although I certainly made mistakes, I was fortunate enough to have an awesome team working alongside me.

Fast forward one year, I was promoted to student supervisor at the help desk where other student workers began seeking help from me. When working at a student orientation in the summer of 2013, I ran into Mary ONeill and expressed my interest in working for ResNet. After she generously gave me some hours to work with her team, I made an absolute fool of myself working in the field with some of her more experienced student workers on my first day. I was the least handy person on planet Earth, and the hardware work on access points, data jacks, and coax cables was completely new to me.

After a lot of struggling, I started to get the hang of ResNet - but I wasn't done trying to soak up every bit of experience at BSU I could get before graduating. My experience in ResNet and at the help desk as a student supervisor qualified me for a student worker position in the Systems group, where I won a Student Worker of the Year award.

To summarize the next few steps to my career, I briefly worked in all 3 groups (ResNet, help desk, and Systems) at the same time. When it got out of control, I decided to stay in ResNet for the remainder of my time as a student worker. After I graduated, Mary hired me as a temporary (part time) employee until a full time ResNet position was created. I interviewed, extremely nervously, for the full time ResNet position and was hired onto the team. After a year in ResNet full time, another staff member left the university in the Networking group. I was offered a promotion by Steve Zuromski to move from ResNet to the Networking team to backfill this position. I have been in Networking facing new challenges and helping ResNet where I can ever since!