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Notebook Tips

Notebook Tips

Notebook computers are light, portable and extremely useful to any BSU student. Notebooks, however, require greater care in use and maintenance than your normal desktop computer. This being true, ResNet has compiled a list of tips we find invaluable to any Notebook computer user.


  • Establish a personal backup routine.
    Your data is the most valuable thing you will lose if your notebook is lost.

  • Protect your data with passwords

  • Change your passwords frequently, and make passwords challenging.
    Make passwords long, preferably containing letters and numbers but do not do substitutions people are apt to know (i.e. 0 for O and 5 for S). Dictionary words are not advisable.

  • Never share your passwords with anyone¬†

  • Lock down your notebook, whenever you step away even if you are working in your office.

  • Refer to additional security tips.

General Maintenance

  • Do not leave your notebook computer in extreme cold or hot temperatures, particularly in cars. Doing so can warp the case and damage internal components.
  • Avoid using notebooks in dusty or smoky areas. Smoke and dust can damage your notebook's electrical components.
  • Avoid touching or rubbing the LCD screen. This can cause permanent damage to the display screen.
  • Keep the LCD out of direct sunlight. The harmful rays of the sun can cause serious damage.
  • Review the User Manual to determine how the manufacturer recommends you clean your notebook computer so you do not void the warranty.
  • Refrain from using common glass cleaner and paper towels to clean the LCD on your notebook. Chemicals in most glass cleaners will erode the special anti-glare coating on the LCD. Likewise, paper towels can scratch the coating. It is best to power down your notebook, and wipe the screen gently with a slightly damp soft cloth. Applying too much pressure may cause damage.