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Acceptable Use Policy for BSU WEPA Printers

The purpose of this policy is to promote the ethical and responsible use of BSU WEPA printers.  All BSU students are expected to read and comply with this policy.

BSU WEPA Printing is expected to be limited to academic purposes.  If the IT staff concludes that a student is abusing this print service by printing an excessive number of pages, personal business, inappropriate material, or providing any unauthorized user with access to printers, we will require the student to cease printing activity immediately.  (Please note: This list should not be interpreted as comprehensive) Habitual abuse of the WEPA print service may result in the revocation of the student’s printing privileges.

Printing copyrighted material such as books or text books, literary works, musical or artistic works, other published works, etc. is illegal and forbidden on BSU printers and can result in the revocation of printing privileges. ​

Any questions concerning the content or interpretation of this policy should be directed to BSU ResNet Coordinator. Failure to read and comprehend this policy will not relieve an individual from revocation of printing privileges.​