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​​​​​​​​​bsu student PRINTING  
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wepa > We Print AnywherE

Wēpa provides the most extensive, reliable, and convenient cloud printing network.
Wēpa is a flexible solution that enables BSU students to upload documents to the cloud and conveniently print them anywhere a wēpa kiosk is located​. This service allows you to upload and retrieve your documents using any computer, mobile device, smart phone or tablet. Visit for more information!

Get Ready To Print!

You do not need to create an account with WEPA, you simply need to login with your BSU credentials (email address and password). ​

  1. Computer Labs
    1. With the document open, select File, then Print.
    2. Select "WEPA-BW" or "WEPA-COLOR" from the print dialog
    3. Go to the WEPA Kiosk and swipe your campus ID to print*​

  2. Local (Your personal computer)

    1. Download and install the WEPA Print Drivers. This install is a one time only process!​
      Print Driver for PC (Windows)
      * Print Driver for MAC (OSX) 
      Launch and log into printer driver
    2. Open your document and select the WEPA Printer (Color or BW)
    3. Go to the WEPA Kiosk and swipe your card to login

  3. Wepa Web Upload to Print​​
    1. Login to with your BSU credentials (email address and password). ​
    2. Select Document Upload from black menu bar.
    3. Select ‘Choose your file‘ to find document in file manager.
    4. Select setting of the document (color, single sided etc)
    5. Select "Send Print Options"
    6. You will receive a WEPA code to use at the kiosk as confirmation of the web upload.
    7. ​WEPA Web Upload Tutorial Video​

  4. USB
    • Log into any WEPA kiosk
    • Select "Print from USB" on right side of screen.
    • Insert USB drive into the USB slot. 
    • Select documents to print
    • Select setting of the document (color, single sided etc)
    • Click "done"
    • Click "print"
    • ​WEPA USB Upload Tutorial​ Video
​      5. Smartphones
    • Download the WEPA print app for Android​ or iOS Device
      Download the WEPA Print app for:
        apple Apple  |  green robot Android  
    • Login to the app using your BSU credentials (email and password)
    • Once you are logged in you can share documents from your phone to the WEPA print app and release them from the kiosk.

     ​  6. ​Email to Print​​
      ​7. Google Cloud Print​ 
    • ​Link your Cloud account to your WEPANOW account (from a computer)
      • Log into 
      • If you are not brought to the page with the cloud account options, select “Cloud Links” 
      • Select “Link Account” of the cloud account you would like to link and use 
      • Sign in with your cloud account credentials  
    • ​Sign into the WEPA kiosk (whether with your connect card or BSU credentials)
    • Tap the cloud account you would like to print from (it will alreadbe signed in from your WEPANow account) 
    • Select the document you would like to print 
    • Select "Print" ​