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Wireless Gaming

​​​​Wireless Gaming (BSU_Gaming)
BSU_Gaming is secured with a generic password: resnet7999  ​

We have a wireless network designed for game consoles with wireless connectivity! This wireless network can be used for game consoles, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Apple TV, and Smart TV’s of several manufacturers. 
Any feedback, positive or negative, please email ResNet at​

Wireless Gaming.jpg

BSU_Gaming F.A.Q.

Q1: Will this network allow my Smart TV or other wireless device to connect?
A: Although our BSU_Gaming network was not designed for anything but gaming consoles, we have successfully connected the following devices without any issues: Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Apple TV, and Smart TV’s of several manufacturers).

Q2: I am a PC gamer. Do I connect to the BSU_Gaming network when I am trying to play online?
A: Any laptops or desktop computers with wireless adapters should be connecting to the BSU_Wireless network to play online. BSU_Gaming was designed for devices that are unable to connect to BSU_Wireless.

Q3: Couldn’t I just share this password with anyone? Why have a password at all?
A: You could absolutely share the password, and if it is with other BSU students we actually encourage that. The goal of the password is to encrypt your wireless data.  

Q4: Why can’t I see this network in buildings where I take classes such as Moakley, Boyden, or D.M.F. Science Building?
A: This network is only enabled in residence halls.

Q5: My console still says STRICT NAT or NAT type 3 after I’ve connected to BSU_Gaming. What can I do?
A:  Wireless Gaming (BSU_Gaming) is "Open Nat" by default. For us to enable and change your NAT type to moderate/open, please send an email to We will need your Device Mac Address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx and Device IP Address 

Q6: Why won't my Nintendo Wii connect to the BSU_Gaming network? Is it broken?
A: Your Nintendo Wii is working just fine! Our wireless gaming network is unfortunately not compatible with the Nintendo Wii. You would need a USB to Ethernet adapter (not provided by the University) and you may send in a wired connection request for us to activate the ethernet jack in your room to connect your Wii to the internet. When purchasing a USB to Ethernet adapter, please verify that it supports the Nintendo Wii in the description.

Q7: Can I use my Chromecast on campus?
A: Bridgewater State University does not support Chromecast devices. While we were able to connect them to our network during testing, we were unable to secure them to prevent students from accessing a Chromecast that was not theirs. This is a limitation of Chromecast's design--it was designed with home Wi-Fi in mind and not a business Wi-Fi connection such as ours. Due to this security conflict, we encourage students to try alternatives such as the devices listed in question 1 on this page.

Q8: Can I use my Google Home, Amazon Echo, or similar devices on campus?
A: Unfortunately Bridgewater State University does not support these devices at this time. This is due to the same reasons we cannot support Chromecast in question 7.