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 File Share Encryption


Information Technology protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data from being exposed by routinely moving potentially sensitive data to an encrypted location. PII (social security and credit card numbers) data is sometimes stored on the departmental G drive by accident. Information Technology routinely scans for PII data using PGP software, and moves potentially sensitive data to the encrypted folder located within each departmental G drive. Once data has been encrypted and moved tot he G drive, approval from the department head and the IT Security Manager is needed in order to access PII data in the encrypted folder. ​​

AudienceFor: Faculty; Staff technologyTechnology: PGP

Service Details

How to Request this Service:

​Data is automatically scanned on a regular schedule. To request access to encrypted PII data, please complete the PII Access Authorization Form below.​

Service Expectations:

​5 Business Days





Responsible Use of Information Technology Policy

For assistance with this service, please email Support Services or call 508.531.2555.