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 Google Search & Keywords


Web Services manages the design, configuration monitoring and reporting of Bridgewater's Google Search Appliance. The search appliance powers our public facing website and Intranet. Search results are "security trimmed" - this means a user can only view search results he/she has the authorization to access. 

The following sites are indexed: all, all microsites, all public facing Intranet content (aka anonymous content), University Catalog, Student Handbook, BSU Life, Webhost, Virtual Commons, Maxguides, Master Calendar, Involvement Network and IT Knowledgebase.

Top Searches of 2016:


Note: The word cloud above illustrates the top 100 search queries of 2016 as recorded by the BSU Google Search Appliance. The larger the font-size, the more frequently the term was searched. 

About Google Keywords

Keywords are search terms added to the Google index to alter search results on the Intranet and When a keyword has been added and a user enters the keyword into the search box on the Intranet or, the resulting search results page gives priority to the keyword. This may be useful when the existing search results page is not prioritizing a page in a desired order.

Three Required Elements
Every keyword contain three different pieces of information:
     1. the search term
     2. the search results label
     3. the search results URL 

For example, we have added the search term, "IT" to the index. Now, when a user enters "IT" in the search box on the Intranet or site, the search results page will display:

In this example,
"IT" is the search term
"Information Technology" is the search results label 
"" is the search results URL


AudienceFor: Faculty; Staff; Students technologyTechnology: Google Search Appliance

Service Details

How to Request this Service:

​The Google search appliance is integrated within the web site and the intranet. 

To request a "keyword" please email to the following 3 required elements:
Search term (ex. "IT")
Search Result Title (ex. "Information Technology")
For each keyword requested, you will need to provide all three required elements. Please note, that many search result terms have automatically been added and the search results page will appropriately rank sites. Keywords are useful when the search results page is not ranking sites appropriately.

Service Expectations:



​How can I learn more about search engine optimization (SEO)?
Read the Google Guide for SEO (Search Engine optimization)​ (pdf).

Where can I learn more about Google Analytics?
View Google's free video-based training site, Analytics Academy.​



Responsible Use of Information Technology Policy (pdf)

For assistance with this service, please email Support Services or call 508.531.2555.